Who is Harry Wayne Casey Dating Now? A Look at His Past Relationships, Current Status, and Rumours


Harry Wayne Casey, also known as KC, is a renowned American musician, singer, songwriter, and producer. He is best known as the founder and lead vocalist of KC and the Sunshine Band, which was formed in 1973. With hit songs like “Get Down Tonight,” “That’s the Way (I Like It),” and “Boogie Shoes,” KC and the Sunshine Band became a sensation in the 1970s and continue to be celebrated to this day. But, what about KC’s personal life? Who is he dating now? Let’s take a closer look.


Past Relationships: 

KC has been relatively private about his personal life, but some information about his past relationships is available. In the late 1970s, he was reportedly in a relationship with a woman named Betty Wright, who was also a singer. However, the exact details of their relationship are not known.


Current Relationship Status: 

As of 2023, it is not clear if KC is dating anyone at the moment. He has kept his personal life out of the public eye, and there have been no reports of him being in a serious relationship recently.



 There have been no significant rumours about KC’s dating life in recent years. However, in the past, there were rumours that he was romantically involved with his bandmate, Richard Finch. These rumours were never confirmed, and both men have always maintained that they are just friends and colleagues.



There have been no reports of KC going through a public breakup or divorce in recent years.
Who is Harry Wayne Casey Dating Now? As mentioned earlier, it is not clear if KC is currently dating anyone. He has not made any public statements about his relationship status, and there have been no sightings of him with a significant other.



  • Harry Wayne Casey was born on January 31, 1951, in Hialeah, Florida.
  • KC and the Sunshine Band won several Grammy Awards, including Best R&B Vocal Performance for “That’s the Way (I Like It)” in 1976.
  • KC has been in the music industry for over 50 years and continues to tour and perform to this day.
  • He has sold over 100 million records worldwide.
  • In addition to his music career, KC has also worked as a record producer, producing hit songs for other artists such as Teri DeSario’s “Yes, I’m Ready” and George McCrae’s “Rock Your Baby.”


Relationship Wiki Table:

Relationship Partner
Betty Wright Late 1970s
Current Status Unknown


Harry Wayne Casey is a legendary musician who has made a significant impact on the music industry. While he has been private about his personal life, we hope that this article has given you some insight into his past relationships, current status, and rumours. As of now, it seems that KC is focusing on his music career and keeping his dating life under wraps.