Who is Jack Harlow Dating Now? Past Relationships, Current Relationship Status, and Rumours

Who is Jack Harlow Dating Now


Jack Harlow is a talented American rapper and songwriter who has gained popularity in recent years. With his distinctive style and catchy beats, he has won the hearts of many fans worldwide. As a public figure, Jack Harlow’s love life has been a topic of interest for many. In this article, we will delve into Jack Harlow’s dating history and current relationship status.


Past Relationships:

 Jack Harlow has not been publicly linked to many women in the past. However, he was rumoured to have dated rapper Saweetie in 2020. However, both parties denied the rumours and claimed that they were just friends.


Current Relationship Status: 

As of March 2023, Jack Harlow is not publicly dating anyone. The rapper has not confirmed any relationship rumours, nor has he been spotted with anyone romantically.



Despite his low-key dating life, Jack Harlow has been the subject of several relationship rumours. In addition to the rumour with Saweetie, he was also rumoured to have dated actress Florence Pugh in 202However, neither party confirmed the rumours, and it remains unclear whether they were ever an item.



Jack Harlow has not been publicly involved in any high-profile breakups. As mentioned earlier, his dating history is relatively unknown.



Aside from his music career, Jack Harlow has been busy with several other ventures. In 2022, he launched his own record label, Private Garden. He has also made appearances in movies such as “Love, Simon” and “The Eyes of Tammy Faye.”


Who is Jack Harlow Dating Now? Relationship Wiki Table:

Name Relationship Duration
Saweetie Rumoured 2020
Florence Pugh Rumoured 2021


 Jack Harlow has managed to keep his dating life relatively private. While he has been the subject of several relationship rumours, he has not publicly confirmed any of them. As of March 2023, the rapper is single and focused on his music career and other business ventures.