Who is Johnny Weir Dating Now? Past Relationships, Current Relationship Status, and Rumours

Who is Johnny Weir Dating Now


Johnny Weir is a former American figure skater who has become an accomplished commentator and television personality. With his flamboyant personality, artistic skating, and outspoken nature, Weir has been a staple of the skating world for many years. While he has had his share of romantic ups and downs, Weir has always been candid about his relationships and is known for being unapologetically himself. In this article, we will explore who Johnny Weir is dating now, his past relationships, his current relationship status, and any rumours surrounding his love life.


Who is Johnny Weir Dating Now?

 As of March 2023, Johnny Weir is currently dating a man named Gustavo. Not much is known about their relationship, but Weir has shared several photos of the two on his social media accounts, showing that they are happy and in love.


Past Relationships: 

Weir’s past relationships have been well-documented in the media, and he has never shied away from discussing them. He was married to lawyer Victor Voronov from 2011 to 2015, and their tumultuous relationship was often in the headlines. In his 2018 memoir, Weir revealed that he had also had a relationship with fellow skater Galina Zmievskaya while training with her in Russia.


Current Relationship Status:

 As previously mentioned, Johnny Weir is currently dating Gustavo, and the two seem to be going strong. Weir has not given any indication that he is looking to settle down or get married again, but he seems content with his current relationship.



As a public figure, Johnny Weir is no stranger to rumours about his personal life. In 2021, there were rumours circulating that Weir was dating his former Dancing with the Stars partner Britt Stewart, but these were never confirmed. Weir has also been the subject of rumours that he and his ex-husband Victor Voronov were considering getting back together, but Weir has stated that they are just friends.



Weir’s most public breakup was his divorce from Victor Voronov in 201The two had a very public and contentious split, with accusations of infidelity and abuse being thrown around. Despite their acrimonious split, Weir and Voronov have since reconciled and are now friends.



  • Johnny Weir is openly gay and has been an advocate for LGBTQ+ rights.
  • He is a two-time Olympian and won bronze at the 2008 World Figure Skating Championships.
  • Weir has been a commentator for NBC’s figure skating coverage since 2014.
  • He is known for his unique fashion sense and has been a style icon in the skating world.



 Johnny Weir’s love life has been the subject of much scrutiny over the years, but he has always been open and honest about his relationships. As of March 2023, Weir is happily dating Gustavo, and it seems that the two are in a good place. While his past relationships have been rocky, Weir has always bounced back and continued to be a beloved figure in the skating world.