Who is Karol G Dating Now? A Look at Her Past and Present Relationships


Karol G is a Colombian reggaeton singer and songwriter who has taken the music world by storm with her incredible talent and captivating performances. Over the years, she has been linked with several men, which has piqued the interest of her fans. In this article, we will take a closer look at Karol G’s relationship history, including her past relationships, current relationship status, rumours, and facts about who she is dating now.


Relationship Wiki Table:

Partner Relationship Type Dates
René Cano Former Boyfriend Unknown
Anuel AA Boyfriend 2019 – Present


Who is Karol G Dating Now?

Karol G is currently dating Anuel AA, a Puerto Rican rapper and songwriter. The couple has been in a relationship since 2019 and has been very public about their love for each other. They often share photos and videos of each other on social media and have even collaborated on a few songs, such as “Culpables” and “Follow.”


Past Relationships:

Before dating Anuel AA, Karol G was in a relationship with René Cano, a Colombian music producer. However, not much is known about their relationship, as Karol G has always been very private about her personal life.


Current Relationship Status:

Karol G and Anuel AA’s relationship seems to be going strong, and they frequently express their love for each other on social media. However, they have not yet announced any plans to get married or take their relationship to the next level.



There have been several rumours about Karol G’s relationship status over the years, including that she was dating fellow reggaeton singer Ozuna. However, both Karol G and Ozuna have denied these rumours, and it seems that they are just good friends.



Karol G and Anuel AA briefly broke up in April 2021, but they reconciled a few weeks later. The reason for their split is not entirely clear, but it is believed to be related to the pressures of their busy careers.



  • Karol G and Anuel AA have worked together on several songs, including “Secreto” and “Follow.”
  • Karol G has said that she is very happy in her relationship with Anuel AA and that he is very supportive of her career.
  • Karol G has also said that she wants to have children in the future but is currently focused on her music career.



Karol G is one of the most talented and successful reggaeton singers of her generation, and her personal life has also attracted a lot of attention. While she has had a few relationships in the past, she is currently in a happy relationship with Anuel AA, and it seems that they are in it for the long haul. We wish them all the best!