Who is Kevin Spirtas Dating Now? Past Relationships, Current Relationship Status, and Rumours

Who is Kevin Spirtas Dating Now


Kevin Spirtas is a talented American actor and singer who has been in the entertainment industry for over three decades. He has appeared in numerous TV shows, films, and stage productions. With a successful career and a charming personality, fans are always curious about his personal life, including who he is dating now and his past relationships. In this article, we will explore Kevin Spirtas’ dating history, his current relationship status, and any rumours surrounding his love life.


Who is Kevin Spirtas Dating Now?

As of 2024, Kevin Spirtas has not revealed any information about his current relationship status. He has kept his private life away from the public eye and has not been seen with any romantic partners in recent times. It is unclear whether he is currently dating anyone or is single.


Past Relationships:

Kevin Spirtas has been linked to several high-profile women in the past. He dated actress Jaclyn Smith, known for her role in the TV series Charlie’s Angels, in the early 1980s. The couple’s relationship was short-lived and ended amicably. Later on, he was in a long-term relationship with soap opera actress Lesli Kay, and the couple even got engaged. However, they eventually broke up in 2001.



Despite being a private person, Kevin Spirtas has been the subject of several rumours about his love life. In 2020, it was speculated that he was dating fellow actor Billy Magnussen after the two were seen together in public on several occasions. However, neither of them confirmed nor denied the rumours, and it remains unclear if they were just friends or something more.



Kevin Spirtas has had a few public breakups in the past, but he has always maintained a dignified silence about them. His breakup with Lesli Kay was one of the most talked-about in the soap opera world, but he never spoke about the reasons for the split. It is unclear if he has had any other significant breakups in recent times.



Apart from his acting career, Kevin Spirtas is also known for his singing abilities. He has released several albums and has performed in various stage productions, showcasing his musical talents. He is also an advocate for LGBT rights and has been involved in numerous charitable causes over the years.


Relationship Wiki Table:

Name Relationship Duration
Jaclyn Smith Dating Early 1980s
Lesli Kay Dating/Engaged 1995-2001
Billy Magnussen Rumoured 2020


My Conclusive View:

Kevin Spirtas is a well-known actor with a successful career in the entertainment industry. Despite his public persona, he has kept his personal life private, and there is little information available about his current relationship status. However, fans will continue to speculate about his love life, and we can only hope that he finds happiness in his personal life, just as he has in his professional life.