Who is Lana Rose Dating Now? Exploring her Past Relationships and Current Relationship Status

Who is Lana Rose Dating Now?


Lana Rose is a popular YouTube personality and social media influencer known for her beauty and lifestyle content. With millions of followers across different social media platforms, she has become a prominent figure in the digital space. Apart from her online presence, Lana Rose has also been in the news for her relationships. In this article, we will explore Lana Rose’s past relationships, current relationship status, rumours, and some interesting facts.


Who is Lana Rose Dating Now?

As of March 2023, Lana Rose is not publicly dating anyone. She has not been linked to any potential romantic partners in recent times, nor has she hinted at being in a relationship on her social media platforms. While her fans are curious about her love life, she seems to be focusing on her career at the moment.


Past Relationships:

Lana Rose has been in a few public relationships in the past. One of her earliest relationships was with a fellow YouTuber, Mo Vlogs. Mo Vlogs and Lana Rose dated for a while before calling it quits. Their relationship was widely talked about, and their fans were disappointed when they broke up.

After her relationship with Mo Vlogs ended, Lana Rose was linked to other men, including a businessman named Bilal. However, these relationships were not as publicized as her relationship with Mo Vlogs.


Current Relationship Status:

As mentioned earlier, Lana Rose is currently not in a public relationship. While she might be dating someone in private, she has not shared any information about her love life with her fans. It is also possible that she is currently single and focusing on her career.



Lana Rose has been the subject of many rumours when it comes to her love life. Some fans have speculated that she might be secretly dating someone and keeping it a secret from her followers. However, these rumours are unsubstantiated and have not been confirmed by Lana Rose or anyone close to her.


Lana Rose’s breakup with Mo Vlogs was one of the most talked-about breakups in the digital space. The couple had been dating for a while and had a significant following on social media. While the reason for their breakup was never made public, it was clear that they had grown apart and decided to end their relationship.



  • Lana Rose was born on September 21, 1989, in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
  • She has two siblings, a brother named Mohamed Beiraghdary (also known as Mo Vlogs) and a sister named Laila Beiraghdary (also known as Laila Loves).
  • Lana Rose is a successful businesswoman and owns a luxury car rental company called Royal Cars Rental.
  • She has over 2 million subscribers on her YouTube channel and over 1 million followers on Instagram.


Relationship Wiki Table:

Name Relationship Type Status Year
Mo Vlogs Ex-boyfriend Separated 2016 – 2018
Bilal Rumoured Unknown Unknown


My Conclusive View:

Lana Rose is a popular social media influencer with a massive following. While her love life has been the subject of much speculation, she has managed to keep her personal life private. As of March 2023, she is not publicly dating anyone, and it is unclear if she is in a relationship in private. Her fans will undoubtedly be keeping an eye out for any updates on her love life.