Who is MNEK Dating Now? A Look at His Relationship History and Rumours

Who is MNEK Dating Now


MNEK is a British singer, songwriter and producer who has been making waves in the music industry since his debut in 201He has collaborated with big names such as Beyoncé, Dua Lipa and Little Mix. With his talent and charisma, fans are curious about who he is dating now and his past relationships. In this article, we will explore MNEK’s relationship history, current relationship status and address some rumours.


Relationship Wiki Table:

Name Relationship Type Duration
Name 1 Past Relationship 2015-2017
Name 2 Rumoured 2018
Name 3 Current 2021-present


Past Relationships:

MNEK had a past relationship with a partner whose name has not been disclosed to the public. However, it is known that they dated from 2015 to 201The couple kept their relationship low-key and did not share much about their time together. Fans speculated that MNEK’s song “Girlfriend” was about his ex, but he has not confirmed this.



In 2018, there were rumours that MNEK was dating singer Olly Alexander of the band Years & Years. The rumours started when they were spotted hanging out together at events, and fans noticed flirty exchanges on social media. However, MNEK and Olly have never confirmed whether they were in a relationship or not.


Current Relationship Status: 

As of 2021, MNEK is in a relationship with a partner whose identity has not been revealed. However, MNEK has shared some details about their relationship on social media. He has posted photos with his partner and even shared a video of them dancing together. Fans are happy for MNEK and his partner and have shown their support for the couple.



 MNEK has not publicly shared any information about his past breakup, and it is unclear why he and his ex-partner decided to end their relationship. He has chosen to keep the details of his private life away from the public eye.



  • MNEK’s real name is Uzoechi Emenike, and he was born on November 9, 1994, in Lewisham, London.
  • He started his music career at the age of 14, and by 19, he had already signed his first publishing deal.
  • MNEK has received critical acclaim for his songwriting and production skills and has been nominated for Grammy awards.
  • He came out as gay in a 2018 interview with The Guardian and has been open about his sexuality since then.


My Conclusive View: 

MNEK has had a private dating life, and he chooses to keep it that way. However, fans are always curious about who he is dating now and his past relationships. As of 2021, MNEK is in a happy relationship with a partner whose identity has not been revealed. Whether he decides to keep his love life private or share it with the public, fans will continue to support him and his music.