Who is Pat Cash Dating Now? Past Relationships, Current Relationship Status, Rumours, and Facts


Pat Cash is an Australian former professional tennis player who won the Wimbledon Men’s Singles title in 1987. He is a well-known sports personality and has been in the public eye for decades. While his tennis achievements are well-known, his personal life has also garnered significant attention over the years. This article will explore who Pat Cash is currently dating, his past relationships, current relationship status, rumours, and some interesting facts about him.


Relationship Wiki Table:

Partner Name

Relationship Type


Anne-Britt Kristiansen Former girlfriend N/A
Emily Bendit Former girlfriend N/A
Anna Kournikova Rumoured girlfriend N/A
Kylie Minogue Former girlfriend 1993 – 1994
Melanie Molitor Former girlfriend N/A
Jackie Kelly Former girlfriend N/A
Catherine Bywaters Current partner N/A


Past Relationships:

Pat Cash has been in several relationships in the past, including with well-known personalities such as Kylie Minogue. Cash and Minogue dated from 1993 to 1994, and their relationship was highly publicized at the time. Cash has also been in relationships with Anne-Britt Kristiansen, Emily Bendit, Melanie Molitor, and Jackie Kelly.


Current Relationship Status:

As of 2023, Pat Cash is in a relationship with Catherine Bywaters. However, details about the couple’s relationship are not publicly known, and they prefer to keep their personal life private.



In the past, Pat Cash has been rumoured to be in a relationship with Anna Kournikova, a former Russian tennis player. However, these rumours have never been confirmed by either party, and it is unclear whether they were actually dating.



Pat Cash’s relationship with Kylie Minogue ended in 1994. Although the reason for their breakup was never publicly revealed, it is believed that their busy schedules and long-distance relationship were contributing factors.



  • Pat Cash was born on May 27, 1965, in Melbourne, Australia.
  • He turned professional in 1982 and won his first ATP title in 1983.
  • Cash won the Wimbledon Men’s Singles title in 1987, defeating Ivan Lendl in the final.
  • He retired from professional tennis in 1997 and later became a tennis commentator and coach.
  • Cash has also been involved in several philanthropic activities, including raising funds for cancer research and supporting children’s charities.



Pat Cash has had a colourful personal life, with several high-profile relationships over the years. While his current relationship with Catherine Bywaters remains private, his past relationships with Kylie Minogue and others have been widely publicized. However, despite the attention on his personal life, Cash is known primarily for his tennis achievements and his continued involvement in the sport.