Who is Robin Thede Dating Now? Past Relationships, Current Relationship Status, and Rumours


Robin Thede is a multi-talented comedian, actress, writer, and producer, best known for her work as the creator and host of the critically acclaimed TV show, A Black Lady Sketch Show. With her rising fame, many fans are curious about her dating life. In this article, we will discuss who Robin Thede is dating now, her past relationships, current relationship status, and rumours surrounding her love life.


Who is Robin Thede Dating Now? 

As of 2023, there is no public information on who Robin Thede is currently dating. She has been private about her personal life, and it’s unclear if she is seeing anyone at the moment. Thede has focused primarily on her career and continues to produce groundbreaking content.


Past Relationships:

 There is limited information available about Robin Thede’s past relationships. She has not publicly disclosed any information about her past dating history or any former partners.


Current Relationship Status:

As mentioned earlier, Robin Thede has not revealed any information about her current relationship status. She has kept her personal life private and focuses on her career.



There have been no concrete rumours about Robin Thede’s dating life, but as a public figure, she is often speculated about. Thede has not addressed any rumours about her personal life and has maintained her privacy on the subject.



 There is no known information about any of Robin Thede’s breakups as she has kept her dating life out of the public eye.



  • Robin Thede was born on July 27, 1979, in Iowa, USA.
  • She started her career as a TV writer and producer for BET’s The Queen Latifah Show and The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore.
  • Thede became the first Black woman to serve as head writer for a late-night talk show when she was hired for The Nightly Show.
  • She created and starred in the sketch comedy series, A Black Lady Sketch Show, which debuted in 2019 and was met with critical acclaim.
  • Thede has also made several acting appearances, including on the TV show Insecure and in the movie Bad Hair.
  • She is an advocate for diversity and inclusion in the entertainment industry and has spoken about her experiences as a Black woman in Hollywood.


Relationship Wiki Table:

Name Relationship status Rumours
Robin Thede Unknown None


Robin Thede’s personal life is not publicly known, and she has kept her relationships out of the public eye. Thede has focused on her career and continues to make strides in the entertainment industry as a talented comedian, actress, writer, and producer. Her commitment to diversity and inclusion has also made her an important voice in Hollywood.