Who is Shayna Baszler Dating Now? Past Relationships, Current Status, and Rumours

Who is Shayna Baszler Dating Now


Shayna Baszler is a well-known American professional wrestler and mixed martial artist. She has been in the public eye for years, and her personal life has often been a topic of interest among her fans. In this article, we will explore who Shayna Baszler is dating now, her past relationships, current relationship status, and rumours surrounding her love life.


Relationship Wiki Table:

Name Relationship Type Dates
Ronda Rousey Friendship 2014 – Present
Josh Barnett Dating 2015 – 2017
N/A Unknown 2017 – 2019
Jessamyn Duke Friendship 2018 – Present
N/A Unknown 2019 – Present


Who is Shayna Baszler Dating Now?

As of now, Shayna Baszler’s relationship status is unknown. There has been no confirmed news or sightings of her with a romantic partner. It is possible that she is currently single and focused on her career.


Past Relationships:

Shayna Baszler has had a few relationships in the past, with one of the most notable being with Josh Barnett. Josh Barnett is a fellow mixed martial artist and professional wrestler, and the two were together from 2015 to 201The reason for their breakup is unknown.


Current Relationship Status:

As mentioned earlier, Shayna Baszler’s current relationship status is unknown. It is possible that she is keeping her personal life private and not sharing it with the public.



There have been some rumours about Shayna Baszler’s love life, but none of them have been confirmed. Some fans have speculated that she might be dating someone in the wrestling industry, but there is no concrete evidence to support these claims.



Shayna Baszler’s most well-known breakup was with Josh Barnett. The reason for their split has never been publicly disclosed. However, Shayna has been open about how the breakup affected her and how she had to work on moving on from the relationship.



Shayna Baszler is known for her fierce personality both in and out of the ring. She has always been very private about her personal life, which is why there is not much information about her relationships. However, she has spoken openly about how she has struggled with anxiety and depression in the past and how she has used meditation and therapy to help her cope.



My Final Opinion, Shayna Baszler’s personal life has been a topic of interest among her fans for years. While there have been rumours about her relationships, there is no confirmed news about who she is dating now. Shayna has always been private about her personal life, and it is possible that she prefers to keep it that way. Regardless, her fans will continue to support her and her career in both wrestling and mixed martial arts.