Who is Brian Wilson Dating Now? A Look into His Past and Present Relationships


Brian Wilson is a legendary musician and songwriter known for his work with The Beach Boys. As a public figure, his personal life has always been a topic of interest for fans and the media. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at his past and present relationships, as well as the rumours surrounding his love life.


Relationship Wiki Table:

Partner’s Name Relationship Type Dates
Marilyn Rovell Marriage 1964-1979
Melinda Ledbetter Relationship 1986-Present


Past Relationships:

Brian Wilson has had one significant relationship in his past. In 1964, he married Marilyn Rovell, who was a member of The Honeys, an all-female vocal group. The couple had two daughters, Carnie and Wendy, who later went on to form the popular group Wilson Phillips. However, their marriage was troubled, and they eventually divorced in 1979.


Current Relationship Status:

Brian Wilson is currently in a long-term relationship with Melinda Ledbetter. The couple met in the 1980s when Ledbetter was working as a car saleswoman. She eventually sold Wilson a Cadillac, and they began dating soon after. They have been together for over three decades, and their relationship seems to be going strong.


Who is Melinda Ledbetter?

Melinda Ledbetter is an American former model and saleswoman. She was born on November 28, 1949, in Los Angeles, California. After working as a model, she went into the automotive industry and eventually became a successful car saleswoman. She is best known for her relationship with Brian Wilson and for her role in helping him overcome some of his personal struggles.


Rumours and Breakup:

There have been no recent rumours of any trouble in Brian Wilson’s current relationship with Melinda Ledbetter. However, his past relationship with Marilyn Rovell was reportedly tumultuous, with accusations of infidelity on both sides. Despite this, they remained married for over a decade before eventually divorcing.



  • Brian Wilson is one of the founding members of The Beach Boys, a band that has sold over 100 million records worldwide.
  • He has received numerous awards for his work, including induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1988.
  • Wilson has had a long and well-documented history of mental health issues, including substance abuse and anxiety.
  • In 2019, Wilson announced his retirement from touring, citing his desire to spend more time with his family and focus on his health.


In conclusion, Brian Wilson has had an interesting personal life, with a tumultuous past relationship and a long-term current relationship with Melinda Ledbetter. Despite the rumours and challenges he has faced, he remains a beloved and influential figure in the music industry.