Who is Daniella Alvarez Dating Now? A Look at Her Past and Current Relationships


Daniella Alvarez is a well-known Colombian model, beauty queen, and television host. She first gained fame in 2011 when she was crowned Miss Colombia and went on to represent her country in the Miss Universe competition. With her stunning looks and charming personality, Daniella has won the hearts of many fans around the world. But, who is she dating now? Let’s take a closer look at her past and current relationships to find out.


Past Relationships:

Before we delve into Daniella’s current relationship status, let’s take a look at her past romances. In 2012, she began dating fellow Colombian model and actor, Juan Manuel Mendoza. The couple had a short-lived relationship and eventually went their separate ways. After her breakup with Juan, Daniella focused on her career and did not publicly date anyone for a few years.


Current Relationship Status:

In early 2017, Daniella began dating Colombian businessman, Harold Jimenez. The couple kept their relationship relatively low-key but frequently shared photos of each other on social media. However, after two years of dating, the couple announced their split in 2019. Despite their breakup, Daniella and Harold remain friends and continue to support each other’s endeavors.



Since her breakup with Harold, there have been rumors about Daniella’s love life. In 2020, there were speculations that she was romantically linked to her dance partner on the Colombian reality show, “MasterChef Celebrity.” However, Daniella shut down these rumors and stated that they were just friends.



While Daniella’s breakup with Harold was amicable, it still came as a shock to many of her fans. The couple had seemed happy together and even talked about getting married in the future. However, they both realized that they wanted different things in life and decided to part ways.



Despite her past relationships and breakup, Daniella remains optimistic about finding love again. She has stated in interviews that she is looking for someone who is honest, kind, and has a good sense of humor. Daniella is currently focusing on her career and philanthropic endeavors, but who knows what the future holds?


Relationship Wiki Table:

Name Relationship Duration
Juan Manuel Mendoza Ex-boyfriend 2012
Harold Jimenez Ex-boyfriend 2017-2019



In conclusion, Daniella Alvarez is a successful model and television host who has had her fair share of relationships. While her past romances may not have worked out, Daniella remains hopeful about finding true love. As of now, she is single and focusing on her career, but who knows what the future holds for this talented and beautiful woman.