Who is Dawn Olivieri Dating Now? A Look at the Actress’s Past and Current Relationships


Dawn Olivieri is a well-known American actress who has made a name for herself in the entertainment industry. Over the years, she has appeared in various movies and TV shows, including “House of Lies,” “The Vampire Diaries,” and “Heroes.” However, fans are always curious about her personal life, particularly who she is dating. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at Dawn Olivieri’s dating history, current relationship status, and rumors surrounding her love life.


Relationship Wiki Table:

Partner’s Name Relationship Type Year
Don Cheadle Rumored 2010


Past Relationships:

In 2010, rumors began circulating that Dawn Olivieri was dating Don Cheadle, her co-star on the TV series “House of Lies.” However, neither Olivieri nor Cheadle ever confirmed the rumors, and the pair have not been seen together since the show ended in 2016.


Current Relationship Status:

As of 2023, Dawn Olivieri is dating Bryn Mooser, a filmmaker, and CEO of RYOT, a virtual reality and documentary production company. The couple has been spotted together at various red carpet events and have shared pictures of each other on social media.



Despite being in a relationship with Bryn Mooser, there have been no rumors or speculations about any issues in their relationship or Olivieri dating anyone else.



There have been no reports of Dawn Olivieri going through a breakup in recent years.



Apart from her acting career, Dawn Olivieri is also known for her work as an activist. She is a member of the National Board of Directors for the SAG-AFTRA Foundation and has worked on various initiatives to help aspiring actors and performers. Olivieri is also an advocate for environmental and social causes.



Dawn Olivieri is currently dating Bryn Mooser, and the couple seems to be going strong. While Olivieri has had rumors of a past relationship with Don Cheadle, her current relationship with Mooser appears to be her most significant one. Fans will undoubtedly be keeping a close eye on Olivieri’s personal life as she continues to make waves in the entertainment industry.