Who is Guy Harvey Dating Now? Exploring the Relationship Status and Rumors


Guy Harvey is a well-known artist, conservationist, and angler from Jamaica. He is famous for his stunning marine wildlife paintings and has dedicated his life to the preservation of the ocean and its creatures. As a public figure, Harvey’s personal life is always under scrutiny, and fans often wonder who he is dating. In this article, we’ll explore his past relationships, current relationship status, rumors, and facts on who Guy Harvey is dating now.


Relationship Wiki Table:

Name Relationship Type Year
Gillian Harvey Spouse 1984 – Present


Past Relationships:

Before tying the knot with Gillian Harvey, Guy Harvey kept his personal life private, and there is no information available about his past relationships.


Current Relationship Status:

Guy Harvey is currently married to Gillian Harvey, and the couple has been together since 1984. They have two children together and are frequently seen attending events and traveling together.



There have been no rumors or speculations regarding Guy Harvey’s relationship status or infidelity.



There is no record of Guy Harvey ever going through a public breakup or separation.



  • Guy Harvey met his wife, Gillian Harvey, while studying marine biology in Scotland.
  • The couple currently resides in the Cayman Islands, where they run the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation.
  • Guy Harvey is an avid angler and has even developed his own line of fishing apparel and accessories.
  • In addition to his artwork and conservation work, Guy Harvey is also a successful businessman, with his own chain of resorts and hotels.



Guy Harvey has been happily married to Gillian Harvey for almost four decades, and there have been no rumors or speculations of infidelity or relationship troubles. As a private individual, Harvey has kept his personal life out of the public eye, and there is no information available about his past relationships. Regardless, he continues to make a significant impact in the fields of marine conservation, art, and business.