Who is John McGinn Dating Now? Exploring His Relationship Status and Past Romances


John McGinn is a Scottish professional footballer who plays as a midfielder for both the Scottish national team and English Premier League club Aston Villa. While his on-field performance is quite impressive, many of his fans are curious to know about his personal life, especially his dating life. In this article, we will explore John McGinn’s relationship status, past romances, current dating rumours, and more.


Relationship Wiki Table:

Before delving into John McGinn’s dating life, let’s take a look at his relationship wiki table:

Name Relationship Status
John McGinn Single
Previous partners Unknown


Past Relationships:

There is not much information available about John McGinn’s past relationships. It seems that he has been able to keep his personal life private and away from the media’s prying eyes. However, it is not uncommon for celebrities to keep their dating lives under wraps, so this is not surprising.


Current Relationship Status:

As of now, John McGinn is believed to be single. He has not been spotted with any romantic partner in public or mentioned anything about his dating life on his social media handles. It is possible that he is focused on his career at the moment and does not want to get distracted by romantic relationships.



Despite not being seen with anyone romantically, John McGinn has been at the centre of some dating rumours. In 2019, there were rumours that he was dating a girl named Katie, who he met in a pub in Glasgow. However, he did not confirm or deny the rumours, so it is unclear if there was any truth to them.



As John McGinn has not publicly acknowledged any past relationships, there is no information available about any breakups he may have gone through.



  • John McGinn was born on October 18, 1994, in Glasgow, Scotland.
  • He started his career with St. Mirren before moving on to Hibernian and then Aston Villa.
  • John McGinn has played for the Scottish national team since 2016.
  • He has won several awards and accolades for his footballing abilities, including the Aston Villa Players’ Player of the Season award in 2020.
  • John McGinn is quite active on social media and has a large following on platforms like Instagram and Twitter.



In conclusion, John McGinn’s dating life seems to be shrouded in mystery. While there have been some dating rumours surrounding him, he has not confirmed any of them, and it is believed that he is currently single. As a public figure, it is understandable that he would want to keep his personal life private, and we respect his decision. We wish him all the best in his career and personal life.