Who is Leah Miller Dating Now? Past Relationships, Current Status, and Rumours


Leah Miller is a Canadian television personality, actress, and former MuchMusic VJ. With her charming personality and striking looks, she has gained a massive following over the years. While she is known for her professional accomplishments, many fans are also curious about her personal life, particularly her dating history. In this article, we will explore Leah Miller’s past relationships, current relationship status, and rumours about her love life.


Past Relationships:

Leah Miller has had several high-profile relationships in the past. In 2007, she began dating Canadian musician Dallas Green, who is best known as the lead vocalist and guitarist of the band City and Colour. The couple kept their relationship relatively private, but they were often seen together at public events. Unfortunately, they parted ways in 2008.

After her breakup with Dallas Green, Leah Miller started dating Canadian television host and producer, E! Canada’s etalk host Ben Mulroney. The couple got married in 2008 and has two children together, a son named Brian and a daughter named Ivy. They are considered one of the power couples of Canadian media.


Current Relationship Status:

As of 2023, Leah Miller is still married to Ben Mulroney, and they seem to be going strong. They often share pictures of each other and their family on social media, showing their love and affection for one another. The couple has been together for over a decade, and they continue to support each other’s careers and personal growth.



Despite their seemingly happy marriage, there have been rumours about Leah Miller’s love life. In 2022, there were speculations that she was having an affair with her dance partner from the reality competition show “Dancing with the Stars.” However, these rumours were quickly dismissed, and Leah and her husband, Ben, addressed the issue together, stating that their marriage was strong and solid.



Leah Miller has only had one significant breakup in the public eye, which was with Dallas Green in 2008. However, it’s important to note that breakups can be challenging, even when they are not in the public eye. We should respect Leah Miller’s privacy and not pry into the details of her past relationship.



Leah Miller is a talented individual who has made a name for herself in the entertainment industry. She has hosted several popular shows, including So You Think You Can Dance Canada and The After Show. Additionally, she has acted in films such as “Sorority Surrogate” and “The Perfect Boss.” Leah is also a philanthropist who is involved in several charitable causes, such as the Children’s Wish Foundation and the SickKids Foundation.



Relationship Wiki Table:

Partner Relationship Status
Dallas Green 2007-2008 Separated
Ben Mulroney 2008-present Married


In conclusion, Leah Miller has had a few significant relationships in her life, but she seems to have found a lasting love with Ben Mulroney. While there have been rumours about her personal life, Leah and Ben have made it clear that they are committed to each other and their family. As fans, we should respect her privacy and continue to support her career and philanthropic efforts.