Who is Peter Lik Dating Now? A Look into His Relationship Status and Past Romances


Peter Lik is a renowned Australian landscape photographer and entrepreneur, known for his breathtaking photographs of natural wonders and his success in the art world. However, fans of the artist are often curious about his personal life, including his relationship status and past romances. In this article, we will explore who Peter Lik is dating now, his past relationships, current relationship status, rumours, and breakup, along with some interesting facts about the artist’s love life.


Who is Peter Lik Dating Now?

As of 2023, Peter Lik’s current relationship status is unknown, and he has kept his dating life private. While he has been linked to several women in the past, there is no confirmed news about his present partner. Lik has always maintained a low profile when it comes to his personal life, and his fans respect his privacy.


Past Relationships

Peter Lik was previously married to his longtime girlfriend, Pamela Lik. The couple tied the knot in 1984 and was together for more than two decades. They had a son together named Dimitri, who is also a photographer. However, the couple divorced in 2003, and the reason behind their separation remains unknown.

After his divorce, Lik was linked to several women, including fellow photographer and artist Michael Fatali. However, neither of the relationships was confirmed by Lik himself.


Current Relationship Status

As mentioned earlier, Peter Lik’s current relationship status is unknown. He has not been seen publicly with anyone recently, nor has he shared any information about his dating life. It is possible that he is currently single and focusing on his work.



Over the years, there have been several rumours and speculations about Peter Lik’s love life. However, most of these rumours are baseless and unconfirmed. For instance, there were rumours that he was dating a young model named Jaymes Vaughan, but both parties denied the claims.



Peter Lik’s most significant breakup was with his ex-wife Pamela. Their marriage lasted for more than two decades, and their separation came as a shock to their fans. However, Lik has never shared the reason behind their separation, and it remains a mystery to this day.



  • Peter Lik’s love for photography began at a young age when he received his first camera from his parents at the age of eight.
  • He is known for his unique style of landscape photography, which involves capturing stunning natural wonders in vibrant colours.
  • Peter Lik’s work has been featured in several prestigious galleries and exhibitions worldwide, and he has won numerous awards for his art.
  • Despite being a public figure, Peter Lik prefers to keep his personal life private and away from the limelight.



In conclusion, Peter Lik’s dating life has always been a topic of interest for his fans. While he has been linked to several women in the past, his current relationship status remains unknown. The artist has always maintained a low profile when it comes to his personal life, and he prefers to keep it that way. However, his fans continue to admire his work and await his next masterpiece.