Who is Santwon McCray Dating Now? A Look at His Past and Current Relationships


Santwon McCray is a popular social media personality and content creator who has gained a significant following on platforms such as Instagram and TikTok. With his charming personality and comedic content, he has captured the hearts of many fans. One question that seems to be on everyone’s mind is who Santwon McCray is currently dating. In this article, we will delve into his past relationships, current relationship status, and any rumours surrounding his love life.


Past Relationships:

Santwon McCray has been relatively private about his past relationships. However, there have been rumours of him dating fellow TikTok star, Zoe LaVerne, in the past. The two had collaborated on several videos together, which had fans speculating about their relationship status. However, neither Santwon nor Zoe ever confirmed or denied the rumours.


Current Relationship Status:

As of 2023, Santwon McCray is currently single. While he has not publicly confirmed or denied any relationships, his social media accounts show no indication of him dating anyone. Santwon seems to be focused on his career as a content creator and building his brand.



Despite being single, Santwon has been the subject of several relationship rumours. One of the most recent rumours is that he is dating fellow TikTok star, Addison Rae. However, neither Santwon nor Addison has confirmed or denied the rumours. It is important to note that these are just rumours, and there is no evidence to suggest that Santwon is actually dating Addison or anyone else.



As previously mentioned, Santwon has kept his past relationships relatively private. Therefore, it is unclear if he has ever gone through a public breakup. It is important to respect his privacy and not speculate about his past relationships.


  • Santwon McCray was born on July 4th, 2000 in the United States.
  • He has over 3 million followers on TikTok and over 1 million followers on Instagram.
  • Santwon is known for his comedic content and collaborations with other TikTok stars.
  • He has also dabbled in music, releasing his debut single, “Playtime,” in 2022.


Relationship Wiki Table:

Name Relationship Status
Santwon McCray Single



While Santwon McCray may be tight-lipped about his love life, it is clear that he is dedicated to his career as a content creator. Fans will continue to speculate about his relationships, but it is important to respect his privacy and not make assumptions based on rumours. As Santwon continues to grow his brand and build his following, it will be exciting to see what he has in store for his fans.