Who is Sophia Pierson Dating Now? Unraveling the Relationship Status of the Reality TV Star


Sophia Pierson is a well-known reality TV star known for her appearances on the hit show “WAGS” (Wives and Girlfriends of Sports Stars). As a public figure, her personal life and relationships often make headlines. Fans and followers are always curious to know who Sophia Pierson is currently dating and what her past relationships have been like. In this article, we will delve into Sophia Pierson’s dating life, including her current relationship status, past relationships, rumors, and some interesting facts.


Relationship Wiki Table

To give you a comprehensive overview of Sophia Pierson’s dating history, let’s take a look at the relationship wiki table below:

Name Relationship Status Notes
Unknown Current Current partner’s name is not disclosed
Denzel Slager Past Dated in the past, but currently broken up
Kevin Pietersen Rumored Rumored to have dated, but not confirmed
Russell Wilson Rumored Rumored to have dated, but not confirmed


Who is Sophia Pierson Dating Now?

As of the latest information available, Sophia Pierson’s current relationship status is “unknown.” She has not disclosed any details about her current partner or dating life on her social media or in public interviews. Sophia Pierson is known to be private about her personal life, and she prefers to keep her relationships out of the limelight.


Past Relationships

Sophia Pierson has been in the public eye due to her past relationship with Denzel Slager. Denzel is a former professional soccer player, and the couple dated for a while. However, as per the relationship wiki table, they are currently broken up. Further details about the reasons behind their breakup or their past relationship are not publicly available, as Sophia Pierson has kept those details private.



Being a reality TV star, Sophia Pierson has also been subjected to rumors about her dating life. There have been rumors about her dating former professional cricketer Kevin Pietersen and NFL quarterback Russell Wilson. However, these rumors have not been confirmed by Sophia Pierson or any credible sources, and their relationship status remains speculative.


 Interesting Facts

Here are some interesting facts about Sophia Pierson:

  • Sophia Pierson is a Canadian model, actress, and social media influencer known for her stunning looks and fashionable style.
  • She rose to fame after appearing on the E! reality TV show “WAGS,” which showcases the glamorous lives of wives and girlfriends of professional athletes.
  • Sophia Pierson is also a successful entrepreneur, as she co-founded the popular swimwear brand “Naked Species” with her sister, Olivia Pierson.
  • She has a strong presence on social media, with a large following on Instagram, where she shares her fashion and lifestyle content with her fans.


In conclusion, while Sophia Pierson’s dating life has been a topic of interest for her fans and followers, she prefers to keep her relationships private. As of now, her current relationship status is unknown, and details about her past relationships and rumored romances are limited. As with any public figure, it’s important to respect her privacy and not speculate on her personal life without confirmed information.