Who is Taime Downe Dating Now? Exploring His Past Relationships and Current Relationship Status


Taime Downe is a well-known musician and songwriter, best known as the lead vocalist of the band Faster Pussycat. He has been in the music industry for more than three decades and has gained a huge fan following. However, his personal life has always been a topic of interest among his fans. In this article, we will explore who Taime Downe is dating now, his past relationships, current relationship status, and any rumors or facts surrounding his love life.


Past Relationships:

Taime Downe has been in several relationships in the past. He was previously married to actress and model Kimberly Beck from 1985 to 1996. The couple had a daughter together named Annabelle Rose. After his divorce from Kimberly, Taime was in a long-term relationship with fashion designer and model, Kari Whitman.


Current Relationship Status:

As of 2023, Taime Downe’s current relationship status is unknown. He has managed to keep his personal life private and has not been seen publicly with anyone recently.


Who is Taime Downe Dating Now?:

There is no information available on who Taime Downe is currently dating. It is possible that he is single or in a relationship but keeping it out of the public eye.



In the past, there have been rumors about Taime Downe dating various women, but none of them have been confirmed. He has always been private about his personal life and has never addressed any rumors or speculation.



Taime Downe’s divorce from Kimberly Beck was finalized in 1996. The reason for their divorce is unknown, and both Taime and Kimberly have kept a low profile about it.



Taime Downe was born on September 29, 1964, in Seattle, Washington. He formed the band Faster Pussycat in 1985, and they released their self-titled debut album in 1987, which was a commercial success. Taime has also been involved in other bands, such as The Newlydeads and The Newlydeads, and has released several solo albums. He is known for his unique vocal style and glam rock persona.


Relationship Wiki Table:

Partner Relationship Duration Children
Kimberly Beck Married 1985-1996 1
Kari Whitman Long-term Unknown 0
Current Status Unknown Unknown 0



Taime Downe has had a colorful personal life, with several high-profile relationships in the past. However, he has managed to keep his current relationship status private, leaving his fans curious about who he is dating now. Despite the rumors and speculation, Taime has always been private about his personal life, and it remains to be seen if he will share any details about his love life in the future.