Who is WinterGaming Dating Now? A Look into the Past Relationships, Current Relationship Status, and Rumours.


WinterGaming, also known as Steven Bonnell II, is a popular Twitch streamer and content creator. With over 700,000 followers on Twitch, WinterGaming is known for his gaming streams, political commentary, and entertaining personality. However, many fans are curious about his dating life. In this article, we will explore WinterGaming’s past relationships, current relationship status, and rumours about his love life.


Past Relationships:

WinterGaming has been relatively private about his past relationships. However, in 2012, he married his long-time girlfriend, Emily. The two had a child together but unfortunately, they divorced in 2015. After the divorce, WinterGaming took a break from streaming to focus on his personal life and his child.


Current Relationship Status:

As of 2023, WinterGaming has not publicly disclosed whether he is currently in a relationship. He has been focused on his career and raising his child, and has not mentioned anything about his dating life on his social media platforms.



Despite WinterGaming’s privacy about his personal life, there have been rumours circulating about his dating life. Some fans speculate that he may be in a relationship with another Twitch streamer, but there has been no confirmation of this from either party. WinterGaming has not addressed these rumours, and it is unclear if they hold any truth.



WinterGaming’s divorce from his ex-wife, Emily, was not publicly discussed by either party. However, WinterGaming did take a break from streaming after the divorce, which suggests that it was a difficult time for him. It is important to respect his privacy and not make assumptions about the reasons for the breakup.



  • WinterGaming is a single father, and he has shared his experiences of parenting on his social media platforms.
  • He is known for his political commentary and has been involved in various discussions and debates on social and political issues.
  • WinterGaming has a close relationship with his audience and often interacts with them during his streams.


Relationship Wiki Table:

Name Relationship Type Duration Reason for Breakup
Emily Marriage 2012-2015 Divorce
Current Status



WinterGaming’s personal life remains private, and there is little information available about his dating life. While there have been rumours circulating about his relationship status, it is important to respect his privacy and not make assumptions. As of 2023, WinterGaming is a single father who has been focusing on his career and raising his child.