5 Reasons Why We Do Not Like Mike Wheeler in Season 4


Mike Wheeler, played by Finn Wolfhard, is a central character in the hit Netflix series “Stranger Things.” As the leader of the group of friends known as the “Party,” Mike has played a significant role in the show’s previous seasons. However, with the release of Season 4, some viewers have expressed their dislike for Mike’s character development and choices. In this article, we explore five reasons why we do not like Mike Wheeler in Season 4 and analyze how these factors have influenced the audience’s perception of the character.

1. Overbearing Attitude

One of the primary reasons why viewers find it difficult to like Mike in Season 4 is his overbearing attitude. In previous seasons, Mike has often taken on a leadership role, but in the latest installment, his control and possessiveness over his friends, particularly Eleven, have become more pronounced. His constant need to assert authority and make decisions on behalf of the group has resulted in frustration among fans who prefer to see more collaborative dynamics.

2. Lack of Character Growth

Throughout the series, many of the characters, including Mike’s friends, have undergone significant character development. However, some viewers feel that Mike’s growth has stagnated in Season 4. While his dedication to his friends and the cause remains evident, there is a sense that he has not evolved or learned from past experiences. This lack of personal growth can make his character feel stagnant and less engaging compared to others.

3. Disregard for Others’ Feelings

Another factor contributing to the negative perception of Mike in Season 4 is his disregard for the feelings and autonomy of those around him. His actions often prioritize his own desires and objectives without considering the impact they may have on others. This self-centered behavior can be off-putting to viewers who value empathy and cooperation among the characters they admire.

4. Treatment of Max

In Season 4, Mike’s interactions with Max, a member of the group, have drawn criticism from the audience. His dismissive and condescending attitude towards Max, particularly regarding her romantic relationship with Lucas, has been seen as disrespectful and uncalled for. This treatment of Max not only reflects poorly on Mike’s character but also raises concerns about the representation of healthy relationships within the show.

5. Lack of Communication

Communication plays a crucial role in maintaining relationships and resolving conflicts, but in Season 4, Mike’s communication skills leave much to be desired. Instead of openly expressing his thoughts and feelings, he often resorts to silence or passive-aggressive behavior, leading to misunderstandings and tensions within the group. This inability to effectively communicate can frustrate viewers who value healthy and honest dialogue among characters.


While Mike Wheeler has been a beloved character throughout the “Stranger Things” series, his portrayal in Season 4 has generated mixed reactions from the audience. The overbearing attitude, lack of character growth, disregard for others’ feelings, treatment of Max, and lack of communication are key factors contributing to the viewers’ dissatisfaction with Mike’s character in the latest installment. However, it is essential to remember that characters in a TV series are subject to arcs and development, and there is still room for Mike to evolve and redeem himself in future episodes. As the series continues, it will be interesting to see how Mike’s character unfolds and whether he can address these concerns to regain the favor of the audience.