8 Things You Didn’t Know about Sky Days





Sky Days is a captivating reality television personality known for her appearances on the popular show “Black Ink Crew: New York.” With her vibrant personality and unique style, she has captured the hearts of viewers worldwide. While fans may be familiar with her on-screen presence, there are intriguing aspects of Sky Days’ life that remain lesser-known. In this article, we explore eight fascinating facts about this dynamic personality.


1. Early Life and Background

Sky Days was born on September 19, 1983, in Harlem, New York. She had a challenging upbringing and faced various obstacles during her childhood and teenage years. Her experiences have shaped her resilient and determined spirit, which she brings to her work and personal life.


2. Transition from Receptionist to Cast Member

Initially joining the “Black Ink Crew: New York” as a receptionist, Sky Days quickly became a fan favorite due to her outspoken nature and entertaining antics. Her charisma and magnetic personality eventually led to her becoming a full-time cast member, solidifying her place in the show’s success.


3. Entrepreneurial Ventures

Outside of her television career, Sky Days is an entrepreneur with a keen eye for business opportunities. She has launched her own clothing line, “Her Little Secret,” which offers trendy and fashionable apparel. Through her entrepreneurial endeavors, she has expanded her brand and established herself as a savvy businesswoman.


4. Philanthropic Efforts

Sky Days is actively involved in philanthropy and uses her platform to make a positive impact. She has participated in various charitable initiatives, including fundraisers and community events. Her dedication to giving back demonstrates her compassion for others and her commitment to making a difference.


5. Personal Transformation

Throughout her journey on “Black Ink Crew: New York,” Sky Days has undergone a significant personal transformation. She has openly shared her experiences with self-improvement, including her weight loss journey and personal growth. Her determination to better herself has inspired many of her fans.


6. Relationship with Her Children

Sky Days is a devoted mother to her two sons, Genesis and Des. Her love for her children is evident in her social media posts and public appearances. Despite the challenges she has faced, she remains a strong and supportive figure in their lives.


7. Social Media Influence

With a large following on social media, Sky Days has embraced the digital realm to connect with her fans. She actively engages with her followers through platforms like Instagram, sharing insights into her life, promoting her brand, and spreading positivity.


8. Acting Endeavors

In addition to her reality television career, Sky Days has explored opportunities in acting. She has expressed an interest in pursuing roles in scripted television and film projects, showcasing her versatility and ambition as an entertainer.



Sky Days’ vibrant personality and undeniable presence have made her a standout figure in the world of reality television. From her beginnings as a receptionist to her transformation into a full-fledged cast member, she has captivated audiences with her authenticity and resilience. These eight lesser-known facts about Sky Days shed light on her personal and professional journey, showcasing her as a multifaceted individual with a passion for entrepreneurship, philanthropy, and personal growth.