Eric Bana Ethnicity, Nationality, Race, Family, Body measurements, career


Eric Bana, a versatile actor known for his captivating performances, has graced the screen with his immense talent and charisma. In this article, we delve into Bana’s ethnicity, personal life, and diverse career. Join us as we uncover the fascinating details about this accomplished actor.


Ethnicity, Ethnic Background, and Nationality:

Eric Bana’s ethnicity can be traced to Croatian roots. Born in Melbourne, Australia, to Croatian parents, Bana’s heritage reflects his Croatian ethnic background. He holds Australian nationality.


Body Measurements: 

Measurement Value
Height 6’2″ (188 cm)
Weight N/A
Body Type Athletic
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Blue
Skin Tone Fair
Age 53



Childhood and Family:

Eric Bana’s childhood in Melbourne was influenced by his Croatian heritage. Growing up in a multicultural environment, he developed a passion for performing arts and comedy. Bana’s family support and cultural background provided a strong foundation for his artistic pursuits.


Personal Life:

In his personal life, Eric Bana is married to Rebecca Gleeson, and the couple has two children together. Bana values privacy and prefers to keep his personal life out of the public eye. Despite his fame, he strives to maintain a balanced and grounded lifestyle.



Eric Bana’s career encompasses a wide range of roles, showcasing his versatility as an actor. He gained recognition for his comedic performances in the sketch comedy show “Full Frontal” and the film “The Castle.” Bana’s talent and dedication led him to transition into dramatic roles, displaying his acting prowess.

He has portrayed diverse characters in films such as “Chopper,” “Hulk,” “Munich,” and “Troy,” among others. Bana’s ability to immerse himself in his roles and deliver powerful performances has earned him critical acclaim and a dedicated fan base.

Beyond his success in the film industry, Bana has also explored other creative avenues, including directing and producing. His passion for storytelling and his commitment to his craft have solidified his reputation as one of Australia’s most talented actors.



Eric Bana’s remarkable talent, Croatian heritage, and diverse career have established him as a respected figure in the entertainment industry. By understanding his ethnicity, personal life, and impressive achievements, we gain a deeper appreciation for his contributions to film and his ability to bring characters to life. As we continue to enjoy Bana’s performances, his legacy as a versatile actor and storyteller continues to inspire aspiring artists and captivate audiences worldwide.