Lil Dicky Ethnicity | Nationality | Race | Family | Body measurements | Career

Lil Dicky Ethnicity


Lil Dicky, born David Andrew Burd, is a renowned American rapper, comedian, and songwriter who has gained significant popularity for his unique style and witty lyrics. While his stage name may suggest a certain background, let’s delve into Lil Dicky’s ethnicity, ethnic background, nationality, and race, while also exploring his personal life and career.


Ethnicity, Ethnic Background, and Nationality:

Lil Dicky’s ethnicity and ethnic background are primarily Ashkenazi Jewish. Ashkenazi Jews are of Central and Eastern European Jewish descent, with roots tracing back to countries like Poland, Russia, and Germany. Lil Dicky proudly embraces his Jewish heritage and often references it in his music. In terms of nationality, Lil Dicky is an American, comes from the United States.



In terms of race, Lil Dicky is Caucasian or White, as Ashkenazi Jews are generally considered part of the White racial category. It is important to note that race is a social construct, and Lil Dicky’s racial identity is based on the categorizations used in society.


Parents and Family Background:

Lil Dicky was born and raised in Cheltenham Township, Pennsylvania, in a Jewish family. While information about his parents and their professions is limited, he has often mentioned his parents and their influence on his career. Lil Dicky’s family background is an essential aspect of his personal and artistic identity.


Body Measurements:

Here are some details about Lil Dicky’s body measurements, including height, weight, body type, hair color, body color, and age. Please note that the following information is approximate:

Measurement Value
Height 6’0″
Weight 176 lbs
Body Type Slim
Hair Color Brown
Body Color White
Age 33


Childhood and Early Life:

Lil Dicky had a typical suburban upbringing in Cheltenham Township. He attended Cheltenham High School, where he developed an interest in rap music and comedy. Despite pursuing a marketing degree from the University of Richmond, Lil Dicky always harbored a passion for music and entertainment.


Personal Life:

While Lil Dicky prefers to keep his personal life relatively private, he has shared a few insights into his relationships and interests. In his music, he often discusses romantic relationships and the challenges of balancing his personal and professional life. However, specific details about his current relationship status are not publicly known.



Lil Dicky’s career began to take off in 2013 when he released his debut music video, “Ex-Boyfriend,” which quickly went viral. His unique blend of comedic storytelling and rap skills garnered attention from both the hip-hop community and comedy enthusiasts. Lil Dicky’s subsequent projects, such as his mixtape “So Hard” and studio album “Professional Rapper,” further solidified his position in the music industry.



Lil Dicky, an Ashkenazi Jewish American rapper, has captivated audiences worldwide with his distinct musical style and comedic prowess. Embracing his ethnic background, he has made a significant impact on the music industry while incorporating elements of his personal life into his music. Through his talent and unique approach, Lil Dicky continues to make waves and inspire aspiring artists around the globe.