Fantasia Ethnicity, Nationality, Race, Family, Body measurements, career




Fantasia Barrino, widely known as Fantasia, is a highly talented American singer and actress. Her remarkable voice and captivating performances have won the hearts of millions worldwide. In this SEO-friendly article, we will explore Fantasia’s ethnicity, ethnic background, nationality, race, family, personal life, and her inspiring career.


Fantasia’s Ethnicity, Ethnic Background, Nationality, and Race

Fantasia Barrino’s ethnicity is African-American, with her roots deeply connected to African cultural heritage. She proudly embraces her African-American heritage, and her soulful performances often reflect the richness of her ethnic background. As for her nationality, Fantasia is American, born and raised in High Point, North Carolina. In terms of race, she identifies as Black.


Body Measurements:

Here are some details about Fantasia’s body measurements:

Measurement Value
Height Approximately 5 feet 7 inches (170 cm)
Weight Varies, subject to change
Body Type Curvaceous and well-proportioned
Hair Color Varies, often seen with dark brown or black hair
Eye Color Brown
Age 38 years old (born in 1984)


Parents and Family:

Fantasia’s family has played a significant role in her life and career. She was born on June 30, 1984, to parents Joseph Barrino and Diane Barrino. Growing up in a humble household, Fantasia’s family provided the foundation for her strength and determination. Despite facing various challenges, she credits her family’s support for shaping her into the artist she is today.



Fantasia’s childhood was marked by both triumphs and tribulations. Growing up in a challenging environment, she faced personal struggles and setbacks. Despite these hardships, her passion for music became her beacon of hope. Singing became an outlet for her emotions and a source of strength during difficult times.


Family and Personal Life:

Fantasia’s family has been instrumental in her journey. She is a proud mother of two children, and their presence has brought immense joy and purpose to her life. Throughout her career, Fantasia has been open about her experiences, using her platform to inspire others and promote self-love and empowerment.



Fantasia’s career catapulted to new heights after winning the third season of the reality TV show “American Idol” in 2004. Her powerful performances and raw talent captured the hearts of audiences, propelling her into stardom. Since then, she has released multiple successful albums, including chart-topping hits like “When I See U” and “Bittersweet.” Additionally, Fantasia has received critical acclaim for her Broadway performances, showcasing her versatility as an actress.



Fantasia’s ethnicity is African-American, and she takes immense pride in her cultural heritage. From her humble beginnings, she has emerged as a powerhouse vocalist and a respected figure in the music industry. Fantasia’s personal journey serves as an inspiration to many, highlighting the power of resilience and determination. Her music continues to touch souls, and her dedication to her craft is a testament to her unwavering passion.