Makkari vs. Flash: Who’s Faster?





Speedsters have always captivated comic book fans with their lightning-fast abilities. Two renowned speedsters from different comic universes, Makkari and Flash, are often subjects of comparison and debate. In this article, we delve into the fascinating world of super-speed and explore the question: Who is faster, Makkari or Flash? Join us as we examine their origins, powers, and notable feats to determine which speedster reigns supreme in the realm of velocity.


1. The Background: Introducing Makkari and Flash

Provide an introduction to Makkari and Flash, highlighting their origins and backgrounds within their respective comic book universes. Discuss their unique characteristics and the significance of their superhuman speed.


2. The Powers of Makkari: Eternals’ Speedster

Explore Makkari’s powers as an Eternal and his connection to the cosmic energies that grant him incredible speed. Discuss the limitations and capabilities of his super-speed abilities.


3. The Powers of Flash: DC’s Scarlet Speedster

Delve into the powers of Flash, the iconic speedster from the DC Universe. Examine the Speed Force, the source of his speed, and the various abilities he possesses.


4. Notable Feats: Makkari’s Speed Showcase

Highlight some of Makkari’s most impressive feats of speed, showcasing his agility, reflexes, and velocity. Discuss specific comic book storylines or instances where his speed has been prominently displayed.

5. Notable Feats: Flash’s Speed Blitz

Examine Flash’s remarkable feats, including instances where his speed has saved the day or surpassed all expectations. Discuss key storylines or moments that emphasize his unparalleled velocity.


6. Speedster Showdown: Comparing Speed and Abilities

Compare Makkari and Flash in terms of their speed and unique abilities. Analyze their respective feats, power levels, and the scope of their super-speed.


7. Factors Influencing Speed: The Multiverse and Continuity

Explore the influence of the multiverse and continuity on the speed of these characters. Discuss how different writers, comic book arcs, and interpretations may impact the perceived speed of Makkari and Flash.


8. Conclusion: Who Takes the Crown?

Conclude the article by weighing the evidence and making a determination on who is faster between Makkari and Flash. Acknowledge the different factors that can influence the outcome and remind readers of the sheer awesomeness of both speedsters.



The debate over who is faster, Makkari or Flash, may never reach a definitive conclusion. Each speedster possesses unique powers and has achieved remarkable feats throughout their respective comic book histories. Whether it’s Makkari’s connection to the cosmic energies as an Eternal or Flash’s mastery of the Speed Force, both characters exhibit extraordinary speed and agility. Ultimately, the answer to who is faster may depend on the interpretation of the comic book storylines and the context in which the characters are portrayed. Regardless, both Makkari and Flash continue to captivate fans with their incredible velocity and remind us of the exhilarating possibilities of superhuman speed.