Patrick Swayze Ethnicity, Nationality, Race, Family, Body measurements, career


Patrick Swayze was a beloved actor, dancer, and singer who made a lasting impact on Hollywood. Despite his fame, many people may not know much about his ethnicity, personal life, and family background. In this article, we will explore Patrick Swayze’s ethnicity, childhood, personal life, and career, including a wiki table detailing his body measurements.


Ethnicity and Ethnic Background:

Patrick Swayze was born on August 18, 1952, in Houston, Texas. He was of Irish and English ancestry.


Body Measurements:

Height Weight Body Measurements Hair Color Body Color Age
5 feet 10 inches 77 kg N/A Brown Fair 57



Nationality and Race:

Patrick Swayze was an American national and belonged to the white race.



Patrick Swayze’s parents were Jesse Wayne Swayze and Patsy Swayze. His father was of Irish descent, while his mother was of English descent. Both his parents were involved in the entertainment industry, with his mother being a choreographer and dance instructor.



Patrick Swayze grew up in Houston, Texas, where he developed a love for dancing and acting. He attended the HSPVA (High School for the Performing and Visual Arts) in Houston and later moved to New York to pursue a career in entertainment.



Patrick Swayze was married to Lisa Niemi, whom he met when she was his mother’s dance student. They were married for 34 years until Swayze’s death in 2009. They had no children together.


Personal Life:

Patrick Swayze was a private person when it came to his personal life. He was known for his strong work ethic and his dedication to his craft. He was also an avid outdoorsman and enjoyed horseback riding, camping, and fishing.



Patrick Swayze’s acting career began in the 1970s, with his breakthrough role coming in the 1983 film “The Outsiders.” He gained international fame with his lead role in the 1987 film “Dirty Dancing,” which remains a classic to this day. Swayze went on to star in several successful films, including “Ghost,” “Point Break,” and “Road House.”

In addition to his acting career, Patrick Swayze was also a talented dancer and singer. He performed on Broadway and had a hit song with “She’s Like the Wind,” which was featured in the film “Dirty Dancing.”

Patrick Swayze continued to work in the entertainment industry until his death in 2009 from pancreatic cancer. He left behind a legacy of talent, hard work, and dedication to his craft.



Patrick Swayze was a beloved figure in Hollywood, known for his talent, charm, and dedication to his craft. His Irish and English heritage make him a unique figure in American entertainment, and his impact on the industry will be felt for years to come. Despite his untimely death, his legacy lives on through his timeless films and his dedication to his craft.