8 Best Armie Hammer Movies of His Career



Armie Hammer is an acclaimed actor known for his charismatic presence and remarkable performances on the big screen. With a diverse range of roles throughout his career, Hammer has showcased his talent and versatility, leaving a lasting impression on audiences and critics alike. In this article, we will explore the eight best movies that highlight Hammer’s exceptional acting skills and his ability to bring depth and complexity to his characters.


1. The Social Network (2010):

In “The Social Network,” Hammer delivers a standout performance as Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, the twin brothers who sue Mark Zuckerberg over the creation of Facebook. Hammer’s portrayal of the privileged and ambitious Winklevoss twins earned him critical acclaim and showcased his ability to bring distinct personalities to life.


2. Call Me by Your Name (2017):

Hammer’s role as Oliver in “Call Me by Your Name” solidified his reputation as a talented actor. His portrayal of a graduate student who embarks on a passionate summer romance with a young man in Italy earned him widespread recognition and an Academy Award nomination, showcasing his ability to capture the complexity of emotions.


3. The Man from U.N.C.L.E. (2015):

In this stylish spy film, Hammer portrays the suave and confident CIA agent, Illya Kuryakin. His chemistry with co-star Henry Cavill and his ability to balance humor, action, and intensity make his performance in “The Man from U.N.C.L.E.” a standout.


4. On the Basis of Sex (2018):

Hammer takes on the role of Martin Ginsburg, husband to Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, in “On the Basis of Sex.” His portrayal of a supportive and progressive partner showcases his versatility as an actor, delivering a heartfelt and nuanced performance.


5. Free Fire (2016):

In the action-packed film “Free Fire,” Hammer plays the character Ord, a smooth-talking arms dealer. His charismatic presence and quick-witted dialogue bring a compelling energy to the movie, highlighting his ability to command the screen.


6. Sorry to Bother You (2018):

In this unique and thought-provoking satire, Hammer takes on the role of Steve Lift, a charismatic and enigmatic CEO. His performance in “Sorry to Bother You” adds a layer of intrigue to the film, showcasing his ability to embody complex and morally ambiguous characters.


7. The Lone Ranger (2013):

In the adventurous western film “The Lone Ranger,” Hammer plays the titular character, John Reid. His portrayal of the righteous lawman highlights his ability to tackle iconic roles, bringing a sense of heroism and depth to the character.


8. Nocturnal Animals (2016):

Hammer’s role as Hutton Morrow in “Nocturnal Animals” demonstrates his ability to delve into darker and complex characters. His portrayal of an unfaithful husband adds tension and depth to the psychological thriller, further showcasing his range as an actor.



Armie Hammer’s career has been defined by his exceptional talent and versatility as an actor. From his breakout performance in “The Social Network” to his emotionally captivating role in “Call Me by Your Name,” Hammer has consistently delivered memorable performances. Whether he’s playing suave spies, supportive partners, or morally complex characters, Hammer’s presence on screen is captivating. The eight movies mentioned in this article stand as a testament to his remarkable career and showcase his ability to bring depth, charisma, and authenticity to each role.