Whatever Happened to Tabitha from Bewitched?


“Bewitched,” the popular sitcom that aired from 1964 to 1972, enchanted audiences with its magical storyline and endearing characters. One of the most beloved characters on the show was Tabitha Stephens, the daughter of Samantha and Darrin Stephens. Played by various child actors throughout the series, Tabitha captured the hearts of viewers with her adorable charm. However, as time went on, Tabitha grew up and stepped away from the limelight. In this article, we explore the journey of Tabitha from “Bewitched” and discover what she has been up to since the show ended.

  1. 1. The Early Days of Tabitha on “Bewitched”

In the early seasons of “Bewitched,” Tabitha was portrayed by twin sisters Heidi and Laura Gentry. Their adorable portrayal of the mischievous witch child added an extra layer of magic to the show. Their performances resonated with audiences, making Tabitha one of the show’s most popular characters.

  1. 2. Erin Murphy Takes the Spotlight

As the series progressed, Erin Murphy stepped into the role of Tabitha, taking over from the Gentry twins. Erin’s portrayal of Tabitha charmed viewers and showcased her talent as a child actress. Her chemistry with the rest of the cast, especially Elizabeth Montgomery, who played her on-screen mother Samantha, made Tabitha an integral part of the show’s success.

  1. 3. Life After “Bewitched”

After “Bewitched” ended its run in 1972, Erin Murphy continued her acting career. She appeared in several television shows and made guest appearances on popular programs of the time. However, as she grew older, she faced the challenge that many child actors encounter—finding roles that matched her transition from a child performer to a young adult.

  1. 4. An Unexpected Career Shift

While acting remained a part of her life, Erin Murphy eventually pursued a different path outside of the entertainment industry. She discovered a passion for fashion and became a successful fashion and lifestyle expert. Erin worked as a fashion model, hosted TV shows, and even launched her own line of children’s clothing.

  1. 5. Revisiting Her Magical Roots

Although Erin Murphy moved on from her role as Tabitha, she occasionally revisited her magical roots. She appeared in reunion specials and documentaries about “Bewitched,” delighting fans with her presence and reminiscing about her time on the show. These appearances allowed her to reconnect with her on-screen family and share cherished memories with fans of the beloved sitcom.

  1. 6. A Journey into Entrepreneurship

Beyond her fashion ventures, Erin Murphy also delved into entrepreneurship. She became a successful businesswoman, utilizing her expertise in marketing, branding, and public relations. Erin has been involved in various business ventures and has used her platform to empower women and inspire others to pursue their passions.

  1. 7. A Philanthropic Spirit

Erin Murphy has dedicated her time and efforts to numerous charitable causes. She actively supports organizations that focus on children’s welfare, animal rights, and environmental conservation. Through her philanthropic endeavors, she continues to make a positive impact in the world, embodying the compassionate spirit of her iconic “Bewitched” character.

  1. 8. Family and Personal Life

Outside of her career, Erin Murphy prioritizes her family life. She is a proud mother to six children and embraces the joys and challenges of parenthood. Despite her past fame, she has managed to create a balanced and fulfilling life, focusing on her loved ones and personal growth.

  1. 9. Embracing Social Media

Erin Murphy has embraced the power of social media, using platforms like Instagram to connect with her fans. She shares glimpses of her everyday.