Whatever Happened to the Cast of House of Payne?

Whatever Happened to the Cast of House of Payne?


“House of Payne,” a beloved sitcom that entertained audiences for years, showcased a talented ensemble cast who brought the characters to life. As time has passed since the show’s end, many fans have wondered what happened to the actors who portrayed their favorite characters. In this article, we delve into the lives and careers of the cast members, uncovering the intriguing paths they have taken since their time on “House of Payne.” From new projects to personal endeavors, let’s find out whatever happened to the cast of House of Payne.

Tyler Perry: Continuing to Make Waves

Tyler Perry, the mastermind behind “House of Payne,” has continued to make waves in the entertainment industry. Since the show’s conclusion, Perry has expanded his empire, delving into various projects as a writer, producer, and director. From creating successful television shows to producing critically acclaimed films, Perry’s creative genius has solidified his position as a prominent figure in the industry.

Allen Payne: Exploring New Acting Ventures

Allen Payne, who portrayed the lead character C.J. Payne on the show, has been exploring new acting ventures in both film and television. While he has not been attached to a long-running series like “House of Payne,” Payne has made guest appearances on popular shows and has taken on roles in independent films. His versatility as an actor continues to shine as he embraces diverse characters and storylines.

Cassi Davis: Flourishing in Comedy

Cassi Davis, known for her hilarious portrayal of Ella Payne, has continued to flourish in the comedy genre. She has appeared in various comedic roles in film and television, captivating audiences with her impeccable timing and infectious humor. Davis has also ventured into stage productions, showcasing her talent in live performances. Her dedication to the craft and comedic prowess remain as strong as ever.

LaVan Davis: Embracing New Opportunities

LaVan Davis, who portrayed the lovable Curtis Payne, has embraced new opportunities beyond “House of Payne.” He has made appearances in other television shows and has taken on roles in stage plays, displaying his versatility as an actor. Davis’s magnetic presence and ability to bring characters to life continue to captivate audiences across different platforms.

Demetria McKinney: Pursuing Music and Acting

Demetria McKinney, known for her role as Janine Payne, has pursued a career in both music and acting. In addition to her appearances on various television shows, McKinney has released music albums and singles, showcasing her powerful vocals and musical artistry. Her dedication to both her music and acting careers has allowed her to explore her artistic passions fully.

Lance Gross: Thriving in Film and Television

Lance Gross, who portrayed Calvin Payne, has thrived in the world of film and television since his time on “House of Payne.” He has been a part of various successful projects, both in movies and on TV. Gross’s charisma and talent have helped him secure diverse roles, solidifying his presence in the industry and expanding his range as an actor.

China Anne McClain: Growing as an Artist

China Anne McClain, who played Jazmine Payne, has grown as an artist since her early days on “House of Payne.” She has taken on lead roles in both film and television, showcasing her acting abilities and versatility. Additionally, McClain has pursued a music career, releasing her own music and enchanting audiences with her soulful voice.

Doc Shaw: Exploring New Horizons

Doc Shaw, who portrayed Malik Payne, has been exploring new horizons in his career.