Whatever Happened to The Cast of Rio?





“Rio,” the animated adventure-comedy film, enchanted audiences with its vibrant visuals and memorable characters. But what happened to the talented cast members once the movie concluded? In this article, we take a look at the post-“Rio” careers of the cast, exploring their diverse journeys and notable accomplishments. Join us as we catch up with the stars of “Rio” and discover what they have been up to since their feathered adventures in the animated hit.


1. Jesse Eisenberg (Voice of Blu)

Discover the career trajectory of Jesse Eisenberg, who lent his voice to the lovable macaw Blu. Explore his subsequent filmography, notable roles, and achievements in both live-action and animated projects.


2. Anne Hathaway (Voice of Jewel)

Delve into Anne Hathaway’s journey following her portrayal of the spirited and independent macaw, Jewel. Highlight her notable projects, including films, stage performances, and philanthropic endeavors.


3. Jemaine Clement (Voice of Nigel)

Explore the career of Jemaine Clement, who brought the villainous cockatoo Nigel to life with his voice. Discuss his ventures in acting, comedy, and music, and his contributions to the entertainment industry.


4. Leslie Mann (Voice of Linda)

Catch up with Leslie Mann, the voice behind Linda, Blu’s caring human companion. Discuss her subsequent filmography, including notable roles and her contributions to comedy and drama.


5. Jamie Foxx (Voice of Nico)

Discover what Jamie Foxx has been up to since his portrayal of the charismatic canary, Nico. Explore his career highlights, including acting, music, and philanthropy.


6. Will.i.am (Voice of Pedro)

Delve into the endeavors of Will.i.am, the multitalented musician and voice of Pedro, the charismatic cardinal. Discuss his musical accomplishments, business ventures, and advocacy work.


7. Rodrigo Santoro (Voice of Tulio)

Explore Rodrigo Santoro’s career trajectory following his portrayal of Tulio, the passionate ornithologist. Discuss his international filmography, notable roles, and his continued success in the industry.


8. Tracy Morgan (Voice of Luiz)

Catch up with Tracy Morgan, the voice behind the humorous bulldog Luiz. Discuss his subsequent projects, including his work in television, film, and comedy specials.



Wrap up the article by reflecting on the diverse paths taken by the cast members of “Rio” after the film’s release. Emphasize their continued success, versatility, and contributions to the entertainment world. Express appreciation for their talent and the joy they brought to audiences through their animated performances in “Rio.”