Who is Pia Miller Dating Now? Relationship History, Rumors, and Current Status


Pia Miller, an Australian-Chilean actress and model, has been a prominent figure in the entertainment industry. Alongside her successful career, her personal life often piques the curiosity of fans and media alike. In this article, we delve into the dating history of Pia Miller, explore her current relationship status, address any rumors surrounding her love life, and present some interesting facts about her romantic endeavors.


Table: Pia Miller’s Relationship History

Year Partner
2007-2015 Brad Miller (Married)
2015-2020 Tyson Mullane
2021- Unknown


Past Relationships:

Pia Miller’s most notable past relationship was with Brad Miller. The couple tied the knot in 2007 and shared a long marriage that lasted until 2015. However, they eventually decided to part ways, and their divorce was finalized in 2015.

Following her divorce, Pia Miller entered into a relationship with Tyson Mullane, a film producer. The couple enjoyed a five-year romance, often appearing together at events and sharing glimpses of their life on social media. However, in early 2020, news broke that Pia and Tyson had decided to end their relationship, and they went their separate ways.


Current Relationship Status:

As of now, Pia Miller’s current relationship status remains a mystery. After her breakup with Tyson Mullane, Pia has chosen to keep her personal life private, refraining from publicly announcing any new romantic involvement. This has led to speculation and curiosity about her dating life.



In the absence of confirmed information about Pia Miller’s current romantic partner, several rumors have circulated regarding her love life. Media outlets and fans have speculated about potential new relationships, linking her to various individuals within and outside the entertainment industry. However, without concrete evidence or official statements, these rumors should be taken with caution.



Pia Miller’s breakup with Tyson Mullane marked the end of a significant chapter in her life. While the details surrounding their separation remain private, both parties have moved on and focused on their respective careers.


Facts about Pia Miller’s Dating Life:

  1. Pia Miller was previously married to Brad Miller, but they divorced in 2015 after eight years of marriage.
  2. After her divorce, Pia entered into a long-term relationship with film producer Tyson Mullane, which lasted from 2015 to 2020.
  3. Pia Miller has chosen to keep her current dating life private, resulting in speculation and rumors.
  4. As an actress and model, Pia Miller continues to flourish in her professional endeavors while maintaining a level of privacy about her personal life.



Pia Miller’s dating life has been a subject of interest for many of her fans and followers. While her past relationships with Brad Miller and Tyson Mullane have been well-documented, her current relationship status remains undisclosed. Pia’s decision to keep her personal life private has given rise to rumors and speculation. However, until any official confirmation is made, it’s important to approach such information with caution and respect her privacy as she continues to thrive in her career.