10 Things You Didn’t Know about Bob Beckel



Bob Beckel is a renowned political commentator, analyst, and television personality who has made significant contributions to the world of media and politics. Known for his outspoken nature and expertise in political affairs, Beckel has been a prominent figure in news programs and discussions. In this trending article, we delve into the lesser-known aspects of Bob Beckel’s life and career, revealing 10 fascinating facts that will intrigue and surprise his followers.


1. Early Political Roots:

Bob Beckel’s interest in politics developed at a young age. He became actively involved in politics during his college years, working on various political campaigns and solidifying his passion for political engagement.


2. Campaign Strategist:

Beckel’s political acumen and strategic skills led him to become a prominent campaign strategist. He played key roles in several high-profile political campaigns, offering his expertise and contributing to their success.


3. White House Experience:

Bob Beckel has extensive experience in Washington, D.C. He served as the Deputy Assistant Secretary of State under the Carter administration, where he gained invaluable insights into international relations and foreign policy.


4. Founding “Bob Beckel & Associates”:

After his time in government, Beckel established his consulting firm, “Bob Beckel & Associates,” specializing in political consulting and media relations. Through his firm, he provided strategic counsel to numerous clients, utilizing his expertise in politics and communications.


5. Television Career:

Bob Beckel gained national recognition for his appearances on television news programs. He became a familiar face on Fox News, serving as a co-host on the popular political talk show “The Five” and offering his insights and perspectives on various political issues.


6. Co-authorship of “I Should Be Dead”:

In 2013, Beckel co-authored the book “I Should Be Dead: My Life Surviving Politics, TV, and Addiction.” The memoir details his struggles with addiction, personal setbacks, and triumphs, providing readers with a candid and introspective look into his life.


7. Political Activism:

Beyond his media appearances, Bob Beckel remains active in political activism. He has been involved in various initiatives aimed at promoting political engagement, voter education, and social justice.


8. Democratic Party Affiliation:

As a vocal and committed Democrat, Bob Beckel has been a strong advocate for the party’s principles and policies. His deep-rooted political beliefs have shaped his career and influenced his commentary on political matters.


9. Health Challenges:

Beckel has openly discussed his health challenges, including his battle with alcoholism and struggles with weight management. His willingness to share his personal journey has inspired others facing similar obstacles.


10. Controversial Statements:

Throughout his career, Bob Beckel has been known for his provocative and occasionally controversial statements. His candid and unfiltered commentary has sparked both praise and criticism, adding an unpredictable element to his television appearances.



Bob Beckel’s extensive experience in politics, media, and consulting has made him a respected figure in the realm of political commentary. From his early involvement in political campaigns to his television career, Beckel’s journey has been marked by passion, controversy, and personal growth. While known for his outspoken nature, his battles with addiction and dedication to political activism demonstrate a multifaceted personality. As Bob Beckel continues to make his mark in the political landscape, his contributions and perspectives remain significant in shaping public discourse and political conversations.