Law & Order: SVU 12.03 “Behave” Review


In the twelfth season of the long-running crime drama series Law & Order: SVU, the episode “Behave” delves into a gripping storyline that tackles complex themes and brings to light the challenges faced by the Special Victims Unit. In this review, we will examine the key elements of the episode, including the plot, character developments, and overarching themes, providing insights into the impact of “Behave” within the larger narrative of Law & Order: SVU.


1. Episode Recap:

Offer a concise recap of the episode “Behave,” summarizing the major events and conflicts that unfold. This section serves as a refresher for viewers who have seen the episode and an overview for those who haven’t.


2. Case Overview:

Examine the central case presented in “Behave” and explore its significance within the episode. Discuss the nature of the crime, the victims involved, and the challenges faced by the Special Victims Unit as they strive to bring justice.


3. Character Analysis:

Analyze the character developments in “Behave,” focusing on the main characters of Law & Order: SVU. Discuss how they react to the case and any personal growth or challenges they experience throughout the episode.


4. Themes Explored:

Discuss the overarching themes explored in “Behave” and their relevance to the series as a whole. This could include topics such as sexual assault, consent, trauma, and the pursuit of justice. Analyze how the episode addresses these themes and the impact they have on the characters and the narrative.


5. Guest Performances:

Highlight any notable guest performances in “Behave” and their impact on the episode. Discuss how these actors contribute to the storytelling and the effectiveness of their portrayals.


6. Direction and Cinematography:

Examine the direction and cinematography in “Behave,” discussing the visual elements that enhance the storytelling. Analyze the use of camera angles, lighting, and other techniques that create a distinct atmosphere and contribute to the overall impact of the episode.


7. Social Commentary:

Explore any social commentary or commentary on current issues that “Behave” addresses. Discuss how the episode sheds light on real-world issues and promotes awareness or discussion surrounding these topics.


8. Impact on the Series:

Discuss the significance of “Behave” within the broader narrative of Law & Order: SVU. Examine how the events and character developments in this episode shape future storylines and character arcs, furthering the overall progression of the series.


9. Emotional Resonance:

Analyze the emotional resonance of “Behave” and its impact on viewers. Discuss how the episode elicits a range of emotions and provokes thought or discussion on important societal issues.


10. Conclusion:

In conclusion, “Behave” is a standout episode in the twelfth season of Law & Order: SVU, delving into a compelling case that challenges the characters and explores important themes. With its strong performances, thought-provoking storytelling, and emotional depth, “Behave” further solidifies the series’ reputation as a powerful and impactful crime drama. As the series continues, the consequences of the events depicted in this episode will undoubtedly shape the future of Law & Order: SVU and the characters we have come to know and love.