Who From the Cast of Blindspot Will Have the Most Career Success?


“Blindspot” is a thrilling television series that captured the attention of audiences with its intriguing storyline and talented ensemble cast. As fans eagerly follow the cast’s performances on the show, it’s natural to wonder which actors will achieve the greatest career success beyond “Blindspot.” In this trending article, we delve into the potential trajectories of the “Blindspot” cast members and predict who among them is poised for remarkable career success.


1. Jaimie Alexander (Jane Doe):

Jaimie Alexander, who portrays the enigmatic Jane Doe, has already showcased her talent and versatility in various film and television projects prior to “Blindspot.” With her striking presence and strong acting skills, Alexander is likely to continue her successful career in both mainstream and independent productions.


2. Sullivan Stapleton (Kurt Weller):

Sullivan Stapleton’s portrayal of FBI agent Kurt Weller has garnered him critical acclaim and recognition. With his commanding screen presence and ability to tackle complex characters, Stapleton is likely to secure leading roles in film and television projects, further establishing himself as a versatile actor.


3. Rob Brown (Edgar Reade):

Rob Brown, known for his role as Edgar Reade, has demonstrated his acting prowess in both film and television. With his natural charisma and ability to bring depth to his characters, Brown has the potential to embark on a diverse range of projects, including both drama and comedy.


4. Audrey Esparza (Tasha Zapata):

Audrey Esparza’s portrayal of Tasha Zapata has garnered her a dedicated fanbase. With her exceptional acting skills and ability to convey emotional depth, Esparza is likely to attract attention from casting directors, leading to significant opportunities in both film and television.


5. Ashley Johnson (Patterson):

Ashley Johnson’s endearing performance as Patterson has earned her praise from both critics and fans. Given her versatility as an actress, Johnson is well-positioned to explore a variety of genres and expand her repertoire in the industry.


6. Ennis Esmer (Rich Dotcom):

Ennis Esmer’s portrayal of the charismatic and witty Rich Dotcom has made him a fan favorite. With his comedic timing and undeniable charm, Esmer has the potential to establish himself as a sought-after actor in both comedic and dramatic roles.


7. Luke Mitchell (Roman Briggs):

Luke Mitchell’s compelling portrayal of Roman Briggs showcases his ability to tackle complex and conflicted characters. With his talent and charisma, Mitchell is likely to secure prominent roles in television and film projects, further solidifying his place in the industry.



While predicting career success is speculative, the “Blindspot” cast is undoubtedly a talented group of actors with immense potential. Jaimie Alexander, Sullivan Stapleton, Rob Brown, Audrey Esparza, Ashley Johnson, Ennis Esmer, and Luke Mitchell all possess unique qualities and skills that can propel them to greater heights in the entertainment industry. As they continue to showcase their talents beyond “Blindspot,” it will be exciting to see how their careers unfold, with each cast member poised for their own unique journey of success.