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  • Born as Christine Marie Flores on 26th September 1981 in Jersey City, New Jersey, United States.
  • Also known as Christine Flores-Nash.
  • A talented actress, singer, and songwriter.
  • Hosted Disney Channel’s series “Movie Surfers” as Tina.
  • Appeared in various movies like Amerian Pie, The Wood, Love Don’t Cost a Thing, Be Cool, and more.


Physical Characteristics:

  • Age: 40 years old (as of 2022).
  • Zodiac Sign: Virgo.
  • Religion: Christianity.
  • Ethnicity: Afro-Cuban descent, embracing the challenges of being an Afro-Latino.
    • Shared, “I’m Cuban but [people] didn’t get it because I was also brown-skinned… Latinos come in all colors, all shades… You should see my mom and her brothers and sisters… We just vary in color, shapes, and sizes. But we’re still Latinos — that doesn’t change a damn thing.”


Family and Relationships:

  • Parents:
    • Father: Don Flores (Cuban nationality).
    • Mother: Carmen Milian (Afro-Cuban manager, 58 years old as of 2022).
  • Husband: Matt Pakora (French R&B singer).
    • They got married in 2020.
  • Ex-Husband: The Dream (real name: Terius Youngdell Nass, American singer, songwriter, and record producer).
    • Married in 2009, divorced in 2011.
  • Children:
    • Daughter: Violet Madison Nash (from her former husband).
    • Son: Kenna Kota (from Matt Pakora).
    • Daughter: Isaiah Tota (from Matt Pakora).



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Net Worth:

  • Christina Milian’s net worth is $6 million.
  • She earned her wealth through acting and singing.


FAQ About Christina Milian:

  1. Who is Christina Milian?
    • Christina Milian is an American singer, actress, and songwriter.
  2. How old is Christina Milian?
    • Christina Milian is 40 years old as of 2022.
  3. Who are Christina Milian’s parents?
    • Christina Milian’s parents are Don Flores (Father) and Carmen Milian (Mother).
  4. Who is Christina Milian’s husband?
    • Christina Milian is married to Matt Pakora, a French R&B singer.
  5. How many siblings does Christina Milian have?
    • Christina Milian has two sisters: Danielle Flores and Elizabeth Flores.


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