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  • Ice Beanie is a unique cap-type product designed to offer relief from debilitating chronic migraines through drug-free cold therapy.
  • By reducing inflammation and swelling, Ice Beanie effectively alleviates headache and migraine pain.
  • Let’s explore more about Ice Beanie’s net worth, its journey on Shark Tank, the owner behind this innovative product, and its effectiveness in providing migraine relief.


Ice Beanie Net Worth

  • The net worth of Ice Beanie is estimated to be around $600,000.


Ice Beanie Shark Tank Update

  • Ice Beanie made a notable appearance on Shark Tank during its exciting season 12 episode.
  • Following its appearance, the demand for Ice Beanie soared, leading to brisk sales both on Amazon and its official website.
  • The product offered multiple purchasing options, with one pack priced at $39.95, 2 units for $71.61, and 4 units for $127.84.
  • The popularity of Ice Beanie continued to grow, with 2,400+ followers and 1,141+ posts on its Instagram page, showcasing its usefulness to satisfied customers.


Ice Beanie Owner

  • The mastermind behind Ice Beanie is entrepreneur Nic Lamb, who has had a passion for surfing since the age of 5.
  • Nic Lamb participated in various surfing competitions from the age of 9 and encountered a head injury in 2016, followed by a concussion.
  • During his recovery, he applied ice packs to his spine and discovered that cold therapy was beneficial for both his concussion and migraines.
  • Inspired by his experiences, Nic Lamb invented Ice Beanie to offer relief to others suffering from migraines.


Ice Beanie Migraine Relief

  • Ice Beanie is a cap-type product specifically designed to provide effective relief from debilitating chronic migraines.
  • It offers a drug-free and proven solution using cold therapy to reduce inflammation, swelling, and the intensity of headache and migraine pain.
  • The primary aim of Ice Beanie is to alleviate migraine discomfort and help individuals resume their daily activities with ease.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


1.What is the Net Worth of Ice Beanie?

    • The net worth of Ice Beanie is estimated at $600,000.


2.What is Ice Beanie?

    • Ice Beanie is a cap-type product that provides relief from debilitating chronic migraines through drug-free cold therapy.
    • It effectively reduces inflammation, swelling, and headache or migraine pain.


3.Who is the Ice Beanie Owner?

    • Ice Beanie is the brainchild of entrepreneur Nic Lamb, who conceived the idea after experiencing migraines and recovering from a concussion.


4.Does Ice Beanie help in Migraine Relief?

    • Yes, Ice Beanie is highly beneficial for individuals suffering from debilitating chronic migraines.
    • Its main purpose is to alleviate migraine pain through cold therapy, providing relief and comfort to users.



  • Ice Beanie is a revolutionary cap-type product that offers hope and relief to those enduring the challenges of chronic migraines.
  • Founded by Nic Lamb, an entrepreneur and avid surfer, Ice Beanie employs the power of cold therapy to reduce inflammation and swelling, easing the burden of headache and migraine pain.
  • With its proven effectiveness and growing popularity, Ice Beanie continues to be a valuable asset for individuals seeking a drug-free solution for migraine relief.