Jennifer Saginor Wiki, Biography, Net Worth, Age, Career, Relationship, Family


  • Jennifer Saginor is an American real estate agent, social media influencer, entrepreneur, and author.
  • She gained recognition as the daughter of Dr. Mark Saginor.
  • Currently, Jennifer works as a Luxury Estates Director at Compass.

Jennifer Saginor Net Worth 2022:

  • Jennifer’s net worth is an impressive $1.5 million.
  • Her career as a real estate agent and author has contributed to her financial success.


Career Highlights:

  • Jennifer began her journey as a realtor at Keller Williams in Beverly Hills.
  • Her experience and expertise led her to become the director of luxury estates at Compass.
  • Besides her real estate career, she authored the book “Playground: A Childhood Lost Inside the Playboy Mansion.”


Personal Life:

  • Jennifer Saginor is unmarried and keeps her personal life private.


Salary and Source of Income:

  • As a well-established real estate agent, Jennifer earns a salary estimated to be around $500k to 1 million.
  • Her income is diversified, including earnings from her work at Compass and book publishing.


Physical Statistics:

  • Age: Jennifer is currently 51 years old, born on June 24, 1970.
  • Height: She stands at 5 feet 7 inches tall.
  • Weight: Jennifer weighs 58 kg.



  • Parents: Her father is Dr. Mark Saginor, an esteemed endocrinologist, and her mother is Susan B Krevoy.
  • Siblings: Information about her siblings is not available.



  • High School: Jennifer completed her high school education at Beverly Hills High School.
  • College: She pursued her college education at George Washington University in Washington.


FAQ About Jennifer Saginor:


1.Who is Jennifer Saginor?

  • Jennifer Saginor is an American real estate agent.


2.What is Jennifer Saginor’s net worth?

  • Jennifer Saginor’s net worth is $1.5 million.


3.Who are Jennifer Saginor’s parents?

  • Jennifer Saginor’s parents are Mark Saginor and Susan B Krevoy.


4.What is Jennifer Saginor’s nationality?

  • Jennifer Saginor is an American citizen.


5.What is Jennifer Saginor’s height?

  • Jennifer Saginor is 5 feet 7 inches tall.



In conclusion, Jennifer Saginor has made a mark as a successful real estate agent, author, and entrepreneur. Her achievements and net worth showcase her dedication and talent in her chosen fields. While she maintains a private personal life, her professional endeavors have gained her recognition and admiration. Jennifer’s story serves as an inspiration for those aspiring to pursue their passions and create a successful career.