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  • Lisa Griesemann was a German professional trained pilot and horse rider.
  • She tragically lost her life in a plane crash, along with her parents and partner.
  • Her father, Karl-Peter Griesemann, was a well-known businessman in Germany.
  • Lisa was born in Cologne, Germany, in 1996, and she was 26 years old when she passed away.
  • She followed the Christian faith.


Lisa Griesemann’s Life and Career

  • Full Name: Lisa Griesemann
  • Nickname: NA
  • Date Of Birth: 1996
  • Place Of Birth: Cologne, Germany
  • Age (When She Died): 26 years old
  • Profession: Trained Pilot, Horse Rider
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Nationality: German
  • Ethnicity: Not Known


Lisa Griesemann’s Tragic Demise

Lisa Griesemann, along with her parents and partner, met with a tragic accident on 4th September 202They were traveling in her father’s business jet from Jerez, Spain, to Cologne, Germany, when the plane crashed in the Baltic Sea. No bodies have been recovered, and it is believed that they lost consciousness due to a drop in cabin pressure.


Family Details

  • Father: Karl-Peter Griesemann
  • Mother: Juliane Griesemann
  • Siblings: Not Known


Lisa’s Partner

Before her untimely demise, Lisa was in a relationship with a person named Paul, who was also on the ill-fated plane.

  • Marital Status: Unmarried
  • Partner: Paul
  • Children: NA


Lisa Griesemann’s Career

Lisa was a professionally trained pilot and also worked as a horse rider trainer. Additionally, she served as a project controller at RI Research Instruments GmbH from May 2020.


Physical Statistics

  • Height: 5’7″ (170 cm)
  • Weight: Over 60 kg
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Hair Color: Brown


Lisa Griesemann’s Net Worth

As of 2022, Lisa’s net worth was estimated to be over $2 million.


Frequently Asked Questions About Lisa Griesemann

QWho was Lisa Griesemann?

  • Lisa Griesemann was the daughter of German-based business personality Karl-Peter Griesemann. She was a professionally trained pilot, horse rider, and a social media face from Germany.

QWhat was Lisa Griesemann’s age?

  • Lisa was 26 years old when she died.

QWho was Lisa Griesemann’s boyfriend?

  • Lisa was dating Paul.

QHow did Lisa Griesemann die?

  • Lisa died in a plane crash along with her family on 4th September 2022.

QWhat was Lisa Griesemann’s nationality?

  • Lisa Griesemann’s nationality was German.


My Conclusive View

Lisa Griesemann was a talented young woman whose life was cut short in a tragic accident. Her passion for flying and love for horses will be remembered by those who knew her. Our thoughts and prayers go out to her family and friends during this difficult time. May her soul rest in peace.