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  • Netic Rebel, a prominent American cultural curator and gallerist, passed away on 7 May 2022.
  • The exact cause of his death remains undisclosed on the internet.


Netic Rebel Wiki, Biography, Age

  • Netic Rebel was a well-known figure in the United States as a cultural curator and gallerist.
  • Unfortunately, his date of birth remains unknown.
  • In 2004, he earned his bachelor’s degree in Digital Communication and Media/Multimedia from Purchase College, SUNY.
  • He was also licensed in Marin E.P. Seligman’s Visionary Science, which focused on positive psychology.


Netic Rebel Age, Wiki

  • The age of Netic Rebel has not been mentioned on any public platforms, including the internet.
  • Additionally, details about his zodiac sign and religion are not available.


Netic Rebel Parents, Siblings

  • Information regarding Netic Rebel’s parents’ names and their professions remains unknown.
  • Likewise, it is unclear whether he had any siblings.


Netic Rebel Ethnicity, Nationality

  • The ethnicity of Netic Jeneja, also known as Netic Rebel, is not specified.
  • He held American nationality.


Netic Rebel Wife, Girlfriend

  • The marital status of Netic Rebel is not publicly known.


Netic Rebel Height, Weight

  • Details about Netic Rebel’s height and weight have not been disclosed.


Netic Rebel Net Worth

  • Netic Rebel’s net worth has not been made available on the internet.


In Memory of Netic Rebel:

Netic Rebel was a passionate individual who dedicated his life to art and creativity. He believed that women were the creators of the finest artworks on this planet. Throughout his career, he showcased remarkable talent and served as the digital content material materials director at Risq integrated marketing for an impressive ten years and five months. Additionally, he played a significant role as an Instigator at Game Rebellion.

His relentless efforts and innovative ideas enriched the cultural landscape, leaving an indelible mark on the artistic community. While we mourn the loss of this visionary, we celebrate the invaluable contributions he made during his time with us.


Netic Rebel’s Legacy:

Netic Rebel’s contributions to the art world were truly extraordinary. As an American cultural curator and gallerist, he played a pivotal role in promoting diverse artists and their works, encouraging creativity and inclusivity. His artistic vision and passion for positive psychology led him to explore new dimensions in the world of art and digital communication.

Netic Rebel’s journey began at Purchase College, SUNY, where he nurtured his creative talents and earned his degree. His understanding of the power of art to inspire and transform lives drove him to create thought-provoking exhibitions that resonated with audiences worldwide.


Remembering Netic Rebel:

Netic Rebel’s departure has left a void in the hearts of many, but his legacy will continue to inspire countless artists and cultural enthusiasts. Let us remember him as an innovator, a supporter of creativity, and a driving force in the art community.

Though we may not have all the answers surrounding his death, we can cherish the memories of Netic Rebel’s remarkable life and the impact he made on the world of art.



Netic Rebel’s dedication to art, culture, and positive psychology made him a standout figure in the creative sphere. As we bid farewell to this visionary soul, let us honor his memory by carrying forward his passion for art and promoting inclusivity within the creative community.

May his spirit forever inspire us to explore the limitless boundaries of human creativity and continue to appreciate the beauty that art brings into our lives.