Shivaji Dev Wiki, Biography, Net Worth, Age, Career, Relationship, Family



  • Shivaji Dev is an Indian actor who has worked in the Tamil film industry.
  • He made his debut with the movie “Singakutty” in 2008 and appeared in two more films later on.
  • Born on September 20th, 1989, he is currently 32 years old.


Shivaji Dev’s Family:

  • Father: His father’s name is Ramkumar Ganesan, a well-known Tamil actor and producer. He is the head of the film production company “Sivaji Productions.”
  • Mother: Shivaji Dev’s mother is Meenakshi Ramkumar.
  • Grandfather: His grandfather, Sivaji Ganesan, was a popular Tamil actor and producer.



  • Shivaji Dev has three half-brothers from his father’s previous marriage with Kannamal.
  • Dushyanth: He is associated with Sivaji Productions and has acted in two films.
  • Twins: The twins’ names are Dharshan and Rishyan.


Shivaji Dev’s Marriage:

  • Shivaji Dev is happily married to actress Suja Varunee.
  • The couple got married on November 19th, 2018, in Chennai.
  • Suja Varunee is five years older than Shivaji Dev.
  • Before tying the knot, they dated for more than 11 years.


Shivaji Dev’s Children:

  • Shivaji Dev and Suja Varunee are proud parents of a son named Advaaith, born in August 2019.


Shivaji Dev’s Relatives:

  • Paternal Uncle: Shivaji Dev’s paternal uncle is Prabhu Ganesan, a popular Tamil actor, businessman, and film producer.
  • Cousin: His cousin Vikram Prabhu is also a well-known actor in the Tamil film industry.
  • Maternal Aunt: Dev’s maternal aunt, Sripriya, is a famous Tamil actress, film director, and politician.


Shivaji Dev comes from a well-established film family, with several prominent relatives in the industry. His father, Ramkumar Ganesan, and grandfather, Sivaji Ganesan, have left a significant impact on the Tamil cinema.

Despite being an actor himself, Shivaji Dev has remained relatively low-key in the film industry, with only three films to his credit. However, his family’s legacy and connections have undoubtedly contributed to his exposure and opportunities.

His marriage to Suja Varunee, an accomplished actress in multiple languages, has also brought attention to his personal life. The couple’s love story, dating back over a decade before their marriage, captured the hearts of many fans.

As for his children, Shivaji Dev and Suja Varunee are cherishing the joys of parenthood with their son, Advaaith. Being a father has likely brought a new perspective and purpose to Shivaji Dev’s life.



In conclusion

Shivaji Dev is a part of a remarkable film family that has contributed immensely to the Tamil film industry. Despite having a short filmography, his connections and background have played a crucial role in shaping his journey as an actor. With his loving family, including his wife Suja Varunee and their son, Shivaji Dev continues to find joy and support in his personal and professional life.