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  • Vivien Lyra Blair, a talented 9-year-old actress, gained fame for her role in the popular Netflix film “Bird Box” and the 2020 movie “We Can Be Heroes.”
  • Let’s explore some interesting details about Vivien Lyra Blair, including her family, age, wiki, ethnicity, and net worth.


Vivien Lyra Blair Age and Background

  • Born on June 4, 2012, in Los Angeles, California, Vivien Lyra Blair is currently 9 years old.
  • She is a Gemini, according to her zodiac sign.
  • Vivien holds American nationality and follows the Christian religion.
  • Currently, she attends Kindergarten School while pursuing her passion for acting.


Vivien Lyra Blair’s Acting Career

  • Vivien started her acting journey as a child actress, making her mark in the entertainment industry at a young age.
  • She gained widespread recognition for her role in the hit Netflix film “Bird Box” and also appeared in “We Can Be Heroes.”
  • Besides these, her film credits include “Band-Aid,” “The Play Date,” and the 2021 sequels “Sharkboy and Lovegirl.”


Vivien Lyra Blair’s Family

  • Vivien’s mother is Liz Blair, and her father is Andrew A Blair. Unfortunately, their professions are not publicly known.
  • She also has a brother, although his name remains undisclosed.


Vivien Lyra Blair’s Ethnicity and Nationality

  • While her nationality is American, information about Vivien’s specific ethnicity is not available.


Vivien Lyra Blair’s Net Worth

  • Despite her young age, Vivien’s talent and successful acting career have earned her an estimated net worth of around $2 million.


FAQ About Vivien Lyra Blair


1.Who is Vivien Lyra Blair?

    • Vivien Lyra Blair is a 9-year-old actress renowned for her role in the hit Netflix film “Bird Box.”


2.What is the age of Vivien Lyra Blair?

    • As of 2022, Vivien Lyra Blair is 9 years old.


3.Who are Vivien Lyra Blair’s parents?

    • Vivien’s mother is Liz Blair, and her father is Andrew A Blair.


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Vivien Lyra Blair’s remarkable acting talent has already captured the hearts of many, and her future in the entertainment industry looks bright. With her dedication and passion for acting, she continues to be an inspiration to young talents around the world. Keep an eye out for this young star as she embarks on new adventures in her acting journey.