Who is Sykkuno? | Wiki, Bio, Age, Net Worth, Career, Affairs, Family



  • Sykkuno, also known as Thomas, is a popular American YouTuber, Twitch streamer, and online gamer.
  • He gained fame through his engaging live streams and gaming videos, playing popular games like Minecraft, Among Us, League of Legends, and more.


Early Life and Education:

  • Sykkuno was born on June 4, 1992, in San Gabriel, California, United States.
  • He completed his education in mathematics at a local private school before pursuing a career in software development.
  • With his technical skills and knowledge, he ventured into creating game graphics and eventually became a renowned Twitch gamer and online streamer.


Physical Appearance:

  • Height: Approximately 5 feet 9 inches
  • Weight: Around 75 kilograms
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Hair Color: Black
  • Tattoos: Not Known


Family and Ethnicity:

  • Sykkuno belongs to a half-Chinese, half-Vietnamese American background.
  • Not much information is available about his family, but his father is known to be a businessman.
  • He has fond memories of growing up in San Gabriel with his siblings.


Relationship Status:

  • Sykkuno has kept his dating life private and hasn’t revealed much about his relationships.
  • Rumors have circulated about his possible relationship with musician LilyPichu, as he has mentioned her name in his online streaming videos.
  • However, his current relationship status remains unknown.


Career and Net Worth:

  • Sykkuno started his YouTube career by creating gaming videos and editorial content on League of Legends.
  • He gained popularity and collaborated with renowned YouTubers like Valkyrie, Corpse Husband, and Ryan Higa.
  • In 2014, he transitioned to streaming on Twitch, where he played games and featured his friends in gameplay videos.
  • His Twitch channel gained a significant following, and he also started a second YouTube channel called “Sykkuno VODs” for Minecraft gameplay.
  • Through his successful online career, Sykkuno has accumulated a net worth estimated at $2-3 million USD.


Interesting Facts about Sykkuno:

  • He has a large number of female fan followers.
  • Sykkuno’s favorite games include Among Us, League of Legends, Minecraft, and Valorant.
  • He shares adorable pictures and videos of his pet dog named “Bimbus” on his social media profiles.
  • Sykkuno has a talent for creating animated logos, often featuring himself and Bimbus.
  • Currently residing in Los Angeles, California, he continues to entertain his audience with his live streams and gaming content.


My Conclusive View:

Sykkuno, the rising star of Twitch streaming and online gaming, has captured the hearts of viewers with his engaging content and friendly personality. With a passion for gaming and a loyal fan base, he has become a prominent figure in the gaming community. As Sykkuno continues to entertain and connect with his audience, his influence in the online streaming world is set to grow even further.