Ankita Jain Wiki, Biography, Net Worth, Age, Career, Relationship, Family


Ankita Jain, a remarkable individual, stands as a shining example of determination and achievement. Her journey from being a UPSC aspirant to securing the 3rd rank in the UPSC CSE 2020 examination is truly inspiring. Let’s delve into the life of Ankita Jain and discover the details that make her story so remarkable.


Ankita Jain’s Educational Background and Early Life

  • Born and brought up in Delhi, India, Ankita Jain’s journey towards success began.
  • She pursued her graduation from the prestigious University of Delhi, equipping herself with valuable knowledge.
  • Her aspiration to become an IAS officer fueled her drive to clear the UPSC CSE examination.


Ankita Jain’s Remarkable Achievement

  • Ankita Jain’s exceptional dedication and hard work bore fruit when she secured the 3rd rank in the UPSC CSE 2020 examination.
  • Her success wasn’t just limited to clearing the exam; she clinched an impressive 3rd All India Rank (AIR) position, showcasing her brilliance.


Ankita Jain’s Personal Life and Relationships

  • Ankita Jain’s spouse is Abhinav Tyagi, an IPS officer posted in Maharashtra, India.
  • Currently residing in Agra, Ankita’s journey has taken her to various corners of the nation, all while pursuing her dreams.


Physical Attributes of Ankita Jain

  • Age: As of 2021, Ankita Jain is approximately 26 years old.
  • Height: She stands at 167 centimeters (1.67 meters) or 5 feet 6 inches.
  • Weight: Ankita maintains a weight of 55 kilograms.
  • Hair Color: Her hair is beautifully black.
  • Eye Color: She has captivating black eyes.

Ankita Jain’s Background and Profile

  • Birthplace: Delhi, India, where she embraced her roots.
  • Nationality: Proudly Indian, Ankita Jain holds her country’s values close to her heart.
  • Religion: She follows the Hindu faith, finding solace in its teachings.
  • College and University: Ankita pursued her education at Delhi University, a stepping stone toward her aspirations.


Ankita Jain’s Family and Loved Ones

  • Although her father’s and mother’s names aren’t publicly mentioned, Ankita Jain’s journey is surely shaped by the support of her family.
  • Her siblings and boyfriend’s details remain undisclosed, respecting their privacy.


Ankita Jain’s Financial Status and Net Worth

  • Ankita Jain’s financial details are yet to be updated, but her source of income is from a government salary.
  • Her dedication to public service is commendable, and her net worth remains an enigma.



Ankita Jain’s journey from a determined UPSC aspirant to an accomplished IAS officer serves as an inspiration to countless individuals aspiring for excellence. Her story highlights the significance of unwavering dedication, hard work, and the support of loved ones. Ankita Jain’s achievements remind us that with the right mindset, any goal can be achieved, no matter the challenges that come our way.