Brooke Warne Wiki, Biography, Net Worth, Age, Career, Relationship, Family


  • Brooke Warne, the spotlight since 2021, is making her mark as the daughter of the former Australian Cricketer, Shane Warne, and his wife Simone Callahan. As we dive into Brooke Warne’s life, let’s explore her age, family, relationship status, career, and much more.


  • Brooke Warne’s Age and Early Life

    • Brooke Warne was born on June 27, 1998, in Australia, making her 24 years old as of 2022.
    • She holds Australian nationality and follows the Christian religion.
    • Brooke completed her high school studies at Private High School and pursued her graduation from Swinburne College of Know-how in Melbourne, Australia, where she received a diploma in assembly and event planning.


  • Family Bonds and Tragedy

    • Parents: Brooke Warne is the daughter of Shane Warne (father), a legendary Australian Cricketer, who unfortunately passed away on March 4, 2022, due to a suspected heart attack.
    • Mother: Simone Callahan, Brooke’s mother, is a Yoga Trainer.
    • Siblings: Brooke has two siblings – a brother named Brooke Warne and a sister named Jackson Warne.


  • Love and Relationships

    • Boyfriend: Brooke has been dating Alex Heath since 2021, and their relationship came to the forefront during the 2021 Australian Open Day 13 in Melbourne.
    • Marital Status: Brooke is currently in a dating relationship with Alex Heath.


  • Career Journey

    • Brooke Warne embarked on her career as an assistant and shopper relationships supervisor in January 2018 at the Hachem Administration Group in Melbourne, Australia.
    • She later joined the personal agency Hub Australia as a concierge in January 2021.


  • Physical Characteristics

    • Height: Brooke stands tall at 5 feet 9 inches.
    • Eye Color: Her eyes enchant with a hazel brown hue.
    • Hair Color: Brooke’s blonde hair complements her vibrant personality.


  • Brooke Warne’s Net Worth

    • Being the daughter of Shane Warne, Brooke’s net worth is estimated to be $500,000.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Q.1 Who is Brooke Warne?

A. Brooke Warne is the daughter of the renowned Australian Cricketer, Shane Warne.


Q.2 Who are Brooke Warne’s Parents?

A. Brooke Warne’s parents are Shane Warne (father) and Simone Callahan (mother).

Q.3 What are Brooke Warne’s Sibling’s names?

A. Brooke Warne shares her upbringing with her siblings Summer Warne and Jackson Warne.


  • Conclusion

  • Brooke Warne, the eldest child of the legendary Shane Warne, has carved her own path in the world. With a blossoming career and a heartwarming relationship, she continues to make her family proud. As we keep an eye on her journey, there’s no doubt that Brooke Warne’s story is one to watch unfold.