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  • Callum Wheeler, a suspected killer, shocked the nation by brutally murdering police community support officer Julia James in April 2021.
  • Julia James, a respected advocate for domestic violence victims, fell victim to Callum’s violent attack in the woods.
  • After a series of court trials, Callum Wheeler was found guilty and sentenced to a life imprisonment of 37 years.
  • The swift court proceedings took merely 73 hours to declare his guilt. Callum, a 22-year-old American, used a metal bar to fatally assault Julia James.
  • On July 8, 2022, Wheeler faced his trial, and the jury’s verdict mandated a minimum sentence of 37 years.


Callum Wheeler’s Family: A Closer Look

  • When it comes to Callum’s parents, there is a noticeable absence of specific information about them. Callum has chosen not to share any details regarding his family.
  • In this article, we delve into the aspects of Callum Wheeler’s Parents, Family, Wiki, Age, and Height.

A Glimpse into Callum Wheeler’s Family Background

  • Despite widespread curiosity about Callum’s family, available details are notably scarce. No substantial information has surfaced regarding his family background.


Exploring Callum Wheeler’s Wiki and Age

  • Callum Wheeler’s birth is estimated to have taken place around 1999. He grew up in a local area in Michigan, where he was born. As of now, Callum is 23 years old.
  • Presently incarcerated, Callum faces his sentence for the brutal 2021 murder of Police Community Support Officer Julia James.


Measurements: Callum Wheeler’s Height

  • Callum’s stature stands at 5 feet 8 inches, a physical characteristic that adds context to his profile.


FAQs About Callum Wheeler

  • Q.1 Who is Callum Wheeler?

    • Ans. Callum Wheeler is an American individual who has been convicted of a crime.


  • Q.2 Who are Callum Wheeler’s parents?

    • Ans. Details regarding Callum’s parents remain undisclosed.


  • Q.3 How old is Callum Wheeler?

    • Ans. Callum’s current age is 23 years.



  • The tragic story of Callum Wheeler and his involvement in the brutal murder of Julia James continues to captivate attention. Despite the gaps in information surrounding his family, his conviction serves as a stark reminder of the consequences of violent actions.