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  • Cody Fisher, a name associated with non-league football and school sports coaching, met a tragic end on December 25, 2022. He was brutally stabbed on the dance floor of the Crane nightclub in Birmingham during the holiday season. In this article, we’ll delve into Cody Fisher’s background, his untimely demise, and the aspects of his life that made him a notable figure.


  • Early Life and Sporting Career

    • Cody Fisher was a young man with a passion for sports.
    • He was actively involved in football, both as a non-league player and a coach.
    • Fisher’s talent was recognized when he joined the Birmingham City FC Academy.
    • He also underwent training with Walsall and gained experience in the footballing world.
    • His dedication led him to play for various teams, including Bromsgrove Sporting, Stratford Town, and Stourbridge.


  • The Tragic Incident

    • On Christmas Day in 2022, Cody Fisher’s life took a tragic turn.
    • While enjoying an evening with friends at the Crane nightclub, he was fatally stabbed.
    • Despite attempts to save him, Cody passed away approximately 30 minutes after the incident.
    • The shocking event left his family devastated and the community in mourning.


  • Remembering Cody Fisher

    • Cody’s family expressed their profound grief and referred to him as their best friend.
    • The tragic incident has led the Birmingham Sheriffs to seek witnesses and information about the crime.


  • Personal Details

Age and Background

      • Cody Fisher was just 23 years old when he lost his life.
      • He was a dedicated semi-professional footballer, leaving his mark on the field.
      • His affiliation with Bromsgrove Sporting showcased his commitment to the sport.


Family and Relationships

          • Information about Cody’s wife and children remains unknown.
          • His marital status and parental relationships have not been disclosed.


Education and Hobbies

          • Cody Fisher’s dedication extended beyond the football field.
          • He also pursued a career as a school sports coach, inspiring young athletes.
          • His love for sports went hand in hand with his commitment to education.


Net Worth and Achievements

While Cody’s net worth is not a prominent aspect of his story, his contributions to the sporting community and his coaching efforts are a testament to his success.


Contact Information

For any information related to Cody Fisher or the incident, please contact the Birmingham Sheriffs.


Frequently Asked Questions


Q.1 Who Was Cody Fisher?

Cody Fisher was a promising figure in the world of non-league football and school sports coaching.


Q.2 What Was Cody Fisher’s Nationality?

Information about Cody Fisher’s nationality is not available.


Q.3 How Old Was Cody Fisher?

Cody Fisher’s life was tragically cut short at the age of 23.


Q.4 When Did Cody Fisher Pass Away?

Cody Fisher suffered a fatal injury on the dance floor of the Crane nightclub on December 25, 2022. He was pronounced dead around 30 minutes later.

Cody Fisher’s story is a poignant reminder of how a promising life can be unexpectedly disrupted. His dedication to football and sports coaching, coupled with his untimely passing, serves as a testament to the fragility of life’s moments. While the circumstances of his death are tragic, his passion for sports and education will continue to inspire those who follow in his footsteps.