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The perplexing case of Daejhanae Jackson unfolds as we delve into the tragic story of Shanquella Robinson. The two were friends, and their Mexico trip took a dark turn, leaving Shanquella dead under mysterious circumstances. Let’s uncover the details surrounding Daejhanae Jackson and the haunting Shanquella Robinson murder story.


Who is Daejhanae Jackson?

A baffling incident has shaken Mexico, as the Robinson family strives to comprehend the tragic demise of their 25-year-old daughter. Daejhanae Jackson was closely acquainted with Shanquella Robinson. Video evidence portrays the distressing aftermath of an assault inflicted upon Shanquella by Daejhanae Jackson. Shanquella’s face displayed visible signs of trauma – swelling, a head injury, puffy eyes, and chapped lips.

Shanquella’s assailant, Daejhanae Jackson, was in the company of her best friend, Khalil Cooke. However, Khalil remained a passive witness to the harrowing incident, failing to intervene and save her friend.


Current Whereabouts of Daejhanae Jackson

Shanquella Robinson and her circle of friends embarked on a trip to Cabo, Mexico, aiming to revel in a long weekend and celebrate a birthday. Despite initial speculations involving alcohol, the autopsy report negated any correlation. Instead, it revealed that Shanquella suffered a broken neck and a fractured spine.

Shanquella endured not only physical abuse but also lost her life the following day. Khalil Cooke, her best friend, informed Shanquella’s mother, Salamondra Robinson, about her supposed alcohol poisoning. The extent of police action against Daejhanae remains undisclosed, and details of her potential imprisonment are yet to surface.

Assault on Shanquella Robinson

As news of Shanquella’s untimely demise rippled across the internet, a video emerged, allegedly depicting Daejhanae Jackson mercilessly attacking Shanquella Robinson. The distressing footage showed a defenseless Shanquella being subjected to the violent assault by Daejhanae. Other friends present in the room bore witness to the gruesome attack, capturing the incident on their mobile phones.

Possibility of Imprisonment for Daejhanae Jackson

Shanquella’s absence after the Mexico trip plunged her family into despair, grieving the loss of their beloved daughter. Bernard and Salamandra Robinson, Shanquella’s parents, recounted the events leading up to the tragedy. The group, including Wenter Donovan, Khalil Cooke, Daejhanae Jackson, Malik Dyer, Alysse Hyatt, and Nazeer Wiggins, had ventured to Cabo, Mexico.

On a distressing note, Shanquella reached out on a Saturday evening, expressing her discomfort. Subsequently, her parents discovered her suffering from alcohol poisoning. Amidst the group, Daejhanae Jackson’s involvement in the dire events remains a focal point. However, her fate regarding potential imprisonment remains uncertain.



The enigmatic figure of Daejhanae Jackson shrouds the tragedy of Shanquella Robinson’s death in uncertainty. The details of what transpired during that ill-fated Mexico trip are still unfolding. As we search for answers, one can only hope that the truth will prevail, providing solace to Shanquella’s grieving family and shedding light on the perplexing events that led to her untimely demise.