Dan Snow Wiki, Biography, Net Worth, Age, Career, Relationship, Family



  • Dan Snow is a British popular historian, broadcaster, and television presenter known for his history programs on the BBC.
  • He has received several prestigious awards, including the BAFTA Award, Sony Award, and Maritime Media Award.


Dan Snow’s Health:

  • Rumors suggest that Dan Snow might be facing an illness, possibly a brain tumor, but there is no official confirmation available online.


Dan Snow’s Family:

  • Born to Peter Snow (Father) and Ann MacMillan (Mother).
  • His father, Peter Snow, is a well-known British radio and television presenter as well as a historian.
  • Dan Snow has two siblings: Kate Snow and Rebecca Snow.


Dan Snow’s Wife and Children:

  • Dan Snow is happily married to Lady Edwina Louise Grosvenor, an English philanthropist and prison reformer.
  • The couple tied the knot on 27 November 2010 at Bishop’s Lodge in Woolton, Liverpool.
  • They are proud parents of three children: Zia Snow, Wolf Robert Snow, and Orla Snow.

Dan Snow’s Net Worth:

  • While there is no specific information available on Dan Snow’s net worth, his successful career as a historian and television presenter is likely to have contributed to his financial success.



  • Dan Snow’s contributions to history programs and broadcasting have earned him several prestigious awards.
  • Despite rumors about his health, there is no official confirmation regarding any illness he might be facing.
  • Dan Snow’s family life seems content, with a loving wife and three wonderful children.
  • While his exact net worth remains unknown, his professional achievements indicate financial success.


Physical Characteristics:

  • While physical statistics are not provided in the reference article, Dan Snow is known for his approachable and friendly demeanor.
  • He has a tall and athletic build, often seen exuding enthusiasm for history and the subjects he presents.
  • With his signature beard and charming smile, Dan Snow has garnered a significant following among history enthusiasts.



  • Although the reference article does not elaborate on Dan Snow’s education, he comes from a family with a strong academic background.
  • Being the son of a renowned historian and presenter, Dan likely had access to a rich learning environment from an early age.